Saturday, October 23, 2010

Astropost: Lindsey Lohan's inconjunct Pluto and Neptune

Judge order: Lindsey Lohan has to remain in rehab until January 3! It is her year of restrictions in line with:

Her progressed chart with Sun trine Saturn and sesquisquare Uranus, exactly in this year, repeating and highlighting the combination of Saturn and Uranus in the natal chart (Saturn-Uranus is THE combination of restricted freedom).

And there is more:

Progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Neptune (the combination for 'fallen angels' and difficulties in living up to expectations)

Also this year:
Transit Pluto inconjunct progressed Sun - and conjunct progressed Neptune-for possible lost self esteem (other effect: winning, but at your own expense).

The effect of the combination of those difficult progressions and transits with her personal situation is apparently unvolutarily therapy.

See Astropost: Lindsey Lohan's inconjunct Pluto and Neptune


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