Monday, October 18, 2010

Sun/Moon progressions and transits

Sun/Moon is the midpoint between Sun and Moon*). Sun/Moon is important in relationships and is an indication for the nature of your motivation. Any aspect with Sun/Moon is important for your well being. I noticed that even inconjunctions with Sun/Moon have relevance. Sun/Moon is important in relationships, too. There is a post about the progressed midpoint Sun/Moon, too (scroll down to see the link). And there is more…How about transits and progressions with your Sun/Moon? I think that transits and progressions with Sun/Moon might have a strong effect on how you feel. 
Let’s see if what I think could be true.

Barack Obama’s Sun/Moon midpoint is at 97.94 degrees, the 8th degree of Cancer. Just recently transit Saturn was square his Sun/Moon (the first 2 days of October). The poll results were rather bad and I guess that this didn’t cheer him up. Saturn can be rather depressing when you have bad polls. You see, Saturn on Sun/Moon shows you plain reality and the need for stability and respect. It can be good and it can be bad, depending on the rest of your chart. More Obama? check the labels...

Michael Douglas has transit Pluto semi square Sun/Moon, following the transit of Saturn over Sun and Moon and midpoint Sun/Moon. We all know about his challenging period right now (trying to conquer cancer).
Pluto on Sun/Moon shows that you need strength and courage.

George Michael’s Sun/Moon in the 27th degree of Cancer was inconjunct Neptune in September/October, during his time in jail (Neptune is the symbol of shame, isolation and with the inconjunction of lost illusions). Sun/Moon with Neptune shows the need of privacy and hiding away.

With Progressed Mercury conjunct Sun/Moon (need to study) I finished the academy. I married in the year that Progressed ruler 7 was exactly conjunct Sun/Moon. This happened again in 1996 (but by then I was already marriedJ). It also happened at age 2, BTW, because of a retrograding planet.

More examples? And how about you?
Just look at the transits of the day of birth of your children to see if the situation at the time corresponds with the relationship with the child. For example, with Jupiter you would expect a prosperous birth situation and a happy start. But with Saturn there might be difficulties and fear from the start, or worries. Use the labels to find out more.

For example readings of Sun/Moon midpont and AC/MC midpoint combinations with the planets, see next post. Reading this message later than October 19? Then use the label Sun/Moon or AC/MC to get to list.

The progressed Sun/Moon midpoint is another object for study…

Sun/Moon is important in family and love relationships. See Astrology and Love…

*) You can calculate Sun/Moon and other midpoints rather easily. See the post about how to calculate and interprete midpoints…


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