Monday, October 25, 2010

The leader in the chart of Hillary Clinton

The hour of birth of Hillary Clinton is still a well kept secret and Astrodatabank rates this 8:02 a.m. chart as DD: that means that the data are questionable. So what can we rely on when we look at this chart for the day of birth? Her Astro I.D. shows a prominent Sun (for leadership) and a dito Jupiter (for the international). Even without hour of birth we see the basics of success and confidence. Her individual chart and character, her situation and conditions, the historical/cultural context, the progressed chart and transits and lest but not least her marriage to Bill Clinton...this all contributed to the development of Hillary Clinton.

1. We see that the Sun doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degress and is quintile Saturn. 
That is for the star, the leader and creative manager, drawing attention and being in the center of it somehow...

2. We can be certain that Neptune is the first outer planet rising before the very prominent Sun. 
It means that there is an idealistic approach always and that she doesn't just do 'it' for gain.

3. Jupiter is also ' calling' for the international that she is today.

4. Mercury in Scorpio is tightly square Saturn: she is a strategic communicator, a true politician.

An idealistic leader with fans and followers, who is a strategic communicator....ehmm...perhaps all we need is a prominent Pluto or Saturn for politician or government. 

Continue for more about Mars, Saturn and Pluto combinations in the natal chart and in 2011 and for the chart drawing...

In this 8:02 a.m. chart Saturn and Pluto are elevated. They are in a challenging combination with Mercury and Mars.  Saturn is quintile her Scorpio Sun (ruled by Pluto...) for creative strategic management. 
This repeating aspect combination with Saturn and Pluto is not just referring to the 'die hard'  in discussions or political competition. It is a challenging and dangerous combination, too. Hillary Clinton is a strong woman with a lot of energy, married to a man who had a lot of power and influence and almost a President herself. 

Next year transit Pluto will be on her progressed Sun. This aspect comes after Saturn square Progressed Sun, this year. In 2011 the aspects of Progressed Sun trine Progressed Mars and quindecile Saturn call for attention, too. There are difficulties ahead with Mars Saturn and Pluto. Because of the fact that the aspect combination is elevated in her chart, we might expect the events or choices to be of importance. But first, she will celebrate her birthday. If the party is in Washington DC the solar return chart has Mars and Pluto elevated and Saturn rising before the Sun, so that the same combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto is in the spotlight. But that is only true if she was born at 8:02 AM and I already mentioned that this hour of birth has never been confirmed. 

There are many ways to manifest a Mars-Saturn combination with Pluto transit. The most positive way to interprete it is the way Noel Tyl did it in Solar Arcs: 
'Forcing an issue (...) strong anger'. 

Would she run for the presidency again? If she does, perhaps it would be wise to celebrate her birthday in Washington DC in 2012. That would be with the symbol of support, success and helpers, Jupiter, on the Midheaven of her Solar Return chart. But I have noticed a few times that Jupiter in the ninth house of the solar return chart symbolised the birth of a grand child. And that is also a great event:)...


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