Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Astrology chart of Taurus astrologers Deborah Houlding and William Lilly

Though I generally prefer not to publish about charts of contemporary astrologers, the lack of Taurus astrologers forced me to make an exception. I could, of course, name William Lilly only. Lilly is a very famous astrologer and his chart is A-rated, so perhaps even with a correct day and hour of birth. But I like to show you what's the difference between astrologers 'born under Taurus' and the others, so here is something on the charts of both Willliam Lilly and Skyscript's Deborah Houlding, who is equally famous, what is not surprising because her Sun/Moon midpoint is in hard aspect with both Jupiter and Pluto. That motivates an awful lot!:) It is a very successful combination that is in line with her position in the world of astrology.

I always want to find the astrologer by means of Jupiter-Uranus and in a different way the chart of Deborah Houlding is also showing this aspect. Her Sun in Taurus is square Uranus, while Jupiter on Midheaven is making a minor aspect of 75 degrees with the Sun. Midheaven also is in a quindecile (165 degree) aspect with Uranus. Her Mercury quintile Uranus mirrors a creative way to find new words and meanings and to deal with the controversy that astrologers find on their way. Here is her chart with transits and progressions for her coming birthday. For a better view, just click the picture.

William Lilly's chart is an A-rated chart, but I wonder, as it is a rectified chart and there is no document of his day of birth. So I publish the chart of Astrodatabank here and hope that Lilly is indeed born under Taurus.

Because now I have to find out what William Lilly and Deborah Houlding share. I found this site ( ) with Lilly's 'Christian Astrology' retyped and with comments of Deborah Houlding. Perhaps that it is the continuity of working on that basic material that demonstrates the fixed and earth side of Taurus?

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