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The friendship in the synastry of Putin and Schroeder

Friendly soldier's greeting, somewhere in Europe
Thirty percent of the Dutch and perhaps even a larger percentage of Eastern Europeans are afraid for a next World War. That is because of the crisis in Ukrain and the possible threat coming from Russia in the Baltic region (Nato territory). Meanwhile, former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Vladimir Putin are good friends. Schroeder sort of defended his friend in an interview and now he is 'under fire'. Where in the charts can we see that?

First the relationship between the charts of Putin and Schroeder.
Here is the chart of Gerhard Schröder and the transits are for the day of birth of Putin. There is more on Putin's chart and on his Sun on the Grand Square in an earlier post.
Chart of Schroeder, transits of dob Putin
When I look at the compatibility of charts, I always include the 'shared' aspects. In this case, both Schröder and Putin have a 'calling' Venus. When Venus 'calls' the ladies keep calling you:), but there is more. Venus is the symbol of diplomacy and charm. When Venus doesn't make an aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees, Venus is 'calling'. That means that you may manifest style, charm, diplomacy and perhaps a bit of vanity at any possible level, somehow and anyhow. As they both have this calling Venus, they share the same tendency to be kind to persons they like (in a special way). Venus of Gerhard is sesquisquare the Venus of Vladimir, so even though they like each other, there may be some kind of frustration because they don't always have the same preferences, even though they are 'compatible'. It is pleasant that the Venus of Putin is close to the Ascendant of Schroeder. That makes him feel comfortable and loved. So let's say that there is mutual sympathy (sometimes frustrating, but still pleasant).

Putin is a Libra, Schroeder is an Aries and that shouldn't match (if they were partners). Gerhard Schroeder's Moon is in Libra, however, and the Sun/Moon midpoint of Schroeder is close to Putin's Sun, as a sort of a compensation for their different nature.

Sympathy can't be enough to keep these VIP-politicians 'going', so what's more?

A. Putin's Pluto is exactly conjunct the Midheaven of Schroeder. There is a certain kind of authority or something that impresses Schroeder. 

B. The Saturn of Putin is conjunct the Sun of Schroeder. Even though there is a barrier or something that stands in the way (like age, status), there is at least respect. 

So that Putin impresses Schroeder and Schroeder is impressed, while Putin respects Schroeder.

It is a mix of liking and admiring each other. This friendship isn't liked or admired in Germany today, re the crisis in Ukrain. That is obvious, when you see the chart of Gerhard Schroeder, with transits and progressions. He is in the news (Uranus) the bad way (inconjunct) and subject to criticism. Friendship with the 'enemy' is not done. 

1. Saturn on his way to square Midheaven (criticism, end of a certain status) for the 2nd time
2. Progressed Midheaven inconjunct Uranus (alienation, upheaval with a loss of status)
3. Transit Saturn is about to make an inconjunct with progressed Venus (hurt feelings)

Here is his natal with transits and progressions (click to enlarge)

On the friendship
About an enemy soldier who rescued two little girls and died with Progressed Sun inconjunct Uranus. He got a hidden statue 62 years later.

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