Friday, March 1, 2013

Neptune inconjunct Varuna and the water drain

Public toilet in Groningen (Netherlands) by Remco Koolhaas and Erwin Olaf
Or should the title be: Neptune inconjunct Varuna and leaking lavatories? I didn't want to be rude, but in fact: this IS about dirty water and more during Neptune-Varuna progressions.

One of my aunts is 88 years old and lives in a so called appartment building for the elderly. "So called" because lately they started filling the old and never renovated building with ex-detainees. The tattood guys live amid the feable and ill oldies. It is affordable, but since a year there are more and more problems. The carpets curl, the elevators are out of order and/or there are water problems (veteran disease risks). Worse is that this Virgo lady, who is very very clean and hates dirt, had to endure a "renovation" of the drain pipes because they were leaking from above (...) , later her toilet refused to flush and now she told me that the plumber was in her house to fix a dirty problem coming from the pipes of the upper appartments.

Of course I wondered how this was reflected in her chart. It was in her progressed chart (so it won't last forever) like this:

- progressed Neptune (sea, drain) inconjunct Varuna (waters)
- progressed Sun was trine Neptune since 5 months (she accepted that she doesn't leave her house any more now that she is ill*)
- progressed Sun square Varuna (the battle with the god of waters)

Isn't it accurate of that chart?

*) Pope Benedict also has a Sun trine Neptune progressed aspect now that he retreats.

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