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The Leo Astrologer: Alan Leo and A.T. Mann

Every month I write about an astrologer's chart. Now it is time for the chart of a Leo astrologer and for an answer to the questions: Where is the astrologer in the chart?
One of the books of A.T.Mann
Alan Leo is a Leo astrologer who 'gave us' sun sign astrology. I wrote about him before , related to the sun sign hoax of 2011.
A.T. (Tad) Mann is a contemporary astrologer born with Sun in Leo. He published his chart for August 18, 1943 at 15:03 EWT Auburn NY USA. (Astrodienst uses 15:05) Here it is. It is an astrologer's chart:).

Jupiter-Uranus combinations are frequent and often important in the charts of astrologers, astronauts and some modern popes. Astrologer Mann has a prominent Jupiter-Uranus, too.

Jupiter+Uranus=helicopter view (see the article on Astromarkt).
This chart has Jupiter sextile Uranus and the midpoint Jupiter/Uranus is semi square natal Sun. Jupiter rises before the Sun (the international, the guide). Uranus is angular, on the Descendant. That means that Jupiter and Uranus are important.
There is even more Jupiter-Uranus: Venus is novile Jupiter and bi septile Uranus.

PALLAS for patterns
I like to point at Sun trine Pallas (inconjunct Midheaven). Pallas is square MC in the chart of Tycho Brahe (that you see here ). Patterns (related patterns) are important in astrology.

VENUS for style
Tad Mann is also an architect and designer. Venus (style) is conjunct Midheaven and quindecile Moon (in a wider opposition with Neptune). That is the pattern of artistic talents that we see more on Art&Astrology.

In what way does a Leo help astrology? I think that one of the way that Tad Mann helps, is by visualizing the solar system patterns, like here
linking them to the concept 'so above, so below'...

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