Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Charts of Albert and Philip of Belgium today


Today at 18.00 uur there will be a speech of King Albert. The general idea is that he will announce that he is stepping back, probably in favor of Philip. Philip won't have easy times if he becomes king. First of all not, because there are doubts about his ability to be a king. King Albert's ailments and age might be the reasons to abdicate. He also faces the problem that his DNA is wanted by Delphine Boel (the daughter of a former mistress). 


  • Progressed Sun trine Uranus (exact in 6 weeks time) announces a smooth change in lifestyle
  • Progressed IC quindecile Saturn mirrors the end of a period 
  • Transit Pholus moved over his progressed Descendant: turning point in relationships and start of a different situation
  • Progressed Mercury ruler 5 (house of children) is square MC: decission making regarding children
  • Progressed chart has Ascendant square Quaoar (new horizon, new scope)
  • ! Ceres (dynasty, succession) is opposition progressed Ascendant (development in situation connected to family or genes) 
  • Progressed Sun sextile Uranus: easy change
  • Progressed Venus opposite Moon (question if the feeling or moment is OK)
  • Progressed Sun getting closer to inconjunct Saturn
This Sun inconjunct Saturn is one of the hardest possible aspects to look forward to. It is the aspect of the 'lame duck', falling of the pedestal, getting into a difficult position, life being too hard and goodbye's to a life style with losing balance as a consequence (or losing a lifestyle and that being the reason for depression). Sometimes people fall hard and break a leg during this progression or transit. Anyway, I placed the picture of the Lame Duck tango step because it is hard to do and because the change of the crown is a sort of a dance, too. 


  • Severe eduction (Pluto of his mother on his IC)
  • Military (Mars on MC)
  • Problem of communications (Mercury in Pisces, badly aspectes, on Aries Point and no placements of planets, Sun or Moon in air signs). 
  • Calling Sun and Saturn (like in the chart of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands)
  • Angular Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, Ceres=Jupiter=Sun/Moon... that is rather fortunate. 
  • Jupiter trine Pluto...that is one of the keys to success, in particular because both are angular
Even though there are serious doubts about his possible future role in society, there is a chart that points at a good position in society. I don't know if the 'stars' knew that he would be the first in line to succeed the king, but he certainly has indication for being a manager.  Tonight we will hear if he is supposed to 'manage' the royal household of Belgium, a nation with a French speaking part that prefers royals and a Dutch speaking part that wouldn't mind to be a republic.

And see the labels below this post for more information about inconjunct Saturn and royalty...

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