Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sun signs in China

In China Scorpio (and Virgo) people find it hard to get a job. Employers prefer Capricorns, or those born under Libra or Pisces. Is that true? It is a crazy story! Can anybody please tell those bosses that people are not their sun sign and that all signs have necessary qualities? French coach Domenech tried to win with a team without Scorpio's and he failed (but maybe not because of that:). It is a pity that China has no free internet (recently Turkey followed into China's footsteps). And that there are so few of them who speak English. Or else they could join the international astrologer's community and see that there is no reason to force Scorpio's to start their own business and become 'the competition'! Think of that, Chinese employers! (and no, I am not a Scorpio, but I hate it when astrology is being abused to blame or hurt 1/12th of the population). It is a cheap alternative for a psychological test and just another way of making up your mind by using an oracle. The nasty thing is bias and prejudice. Those kinds of qualifications are rather silly, but I am afraid that that is the way that astrology is being used by the millions. And not just in China. Most of us started with sun sign astrology and not with the picture of a chart. And isn't it easy to put a sticker on a person and disqualify or not in a second? It is as childish as avoiding red heads or fat people. 

Now that I said this I must admit that shortly after problems with a Gemini I had just a second of second thoughts when I met another one! Just one second! I am only human, sorry! I want to put disclaimers at the end of articles about sun signs, telling people that a person is not a sun sign. Hope that it helps, but I have my doubts! It might be too late for Chinese Scorpio's!

Would you avoid to employ a Scorpio? Do you judge people by their sun sign? Just for one second? Do the poll and choose what sign you wouldn't give a job if you were the manager! Or select: I wouldn't select by sign!

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Anonymous said...

It totally depends on what the job is! I do have a bias against certain sun signs though, because of how they trigger my chart. For example, anyone with a Sun in early and middle fixed triggers my venus saturn neptune t-square, and in not a good way! Of course I used to attract them, but now I know better. Best to avoid the pain.