Sunday, December 4, 2011

I would not employ...

This is about the results of the last poll and about Mars-Saturn synastry. The results of the poll 'I wouldn't employ...' (started after the news that in China Virgo and Scorpio people have problems getting a job) tell us that a small majority of the 43 voters doesn't judge by sign. The signs Aries and Gemini are not so popular. Neither is Scorpio. But less than 30 per cent would not hire one of these signs. Ninety percent of the voters would be neutral about Scorpio, Gemini or Aries, anyway. Sagittarius, Libra and Cancer don't have enemies at all, at least not among the voters. 

Our voters know what they talk about. They are highly interested in astrology. They know that people are not their sign. But, as someone commented, they like to avoid the pain of having to deal with people whose sun sign is afflicting theirs or their natal positions. I also don't judge by sign. I only want to avoid people with their Mars in hard aspect with my Saturn. Why? Here are 5 good reasons.

1. I have a personal experience with a very nasty person - I am not his only 'enemy' - who's Mars is square my Saturn...

2. Julian Assange's Mars in conflict with Hillary Clinton's Saturn and his anger about her.

3. Julia Child's Mars exactly square Julie Powell's Saturn. She cooked all the recipes of Julia Child and wrote about it, but Child was not happy with it.

4. Amy Bishop: her Mars was in conflict with the Saturn's of two of her victims.

5. The Mars of Loughner is square the Saturn of Gabrielle Giffords and he shot her (

Of course it depends on the situation and the person, but I would have serious second thoughts about employing someone who's Mars is in conflict with my Saturn! The nasty thing is that we can't avoid this synastry until we have a date of birth AND an ephemeris at hand to see it. And even if we know, how to avoid someone who sees you as his/her target? Maybe there are even readers right now with their Mars in hard aspect with my 1.5 degree Libra Saturn. If you are that person: glad to meet you. Hope you don't take this as an offense! Maybe there is some compensation, Venus for example... (I hope:).

Question: Have you ever been attacked by someone whose Mars hit your Saturn? Or, do you have any other Mars-Saturn synastry experience? And another (quite different kind of) question: do you think that Mars-Saturn could be the combination for heavy metal and hard beat, too.

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barb said...

My hairdresser of 10 years has her Saturn exactly conjunct my Mars! I always look for good Venus aspects when employing a hairdresser, and her Sun and Moon both trine my Venus, but I wasn't sure about that Saturn. However, she has been the best hairdresser I've ever had and we get along famously! Nothing Marsy Saturny at all between us. She does temper my impatience sometimes, and makes me look at all the options, thank goodness, but that's about it. I usually call Saturn to Mars 'the wet blanket' aspect, but she's not at all like that to me.

Anonymous said...

So, someone's Mars in aspect to my Saturn? The Mars person would be the aggressor, and I suppose he would feel Saturn as a kind of a brick wall and would instinctively react badly. The Mars person would feel 'criticized' or put upon or made to feel not good enough or something along those lines,and so may react negatively to the Saturn person for no real reason except that he doesn't like the Saturn person or the Saturn person's actions? I wonder how the Saturn person feels about the Mars person. I used to attract Men who had Mars square my never worked out, but it wasn't awful or anything. One was even a boyfriend for a while, but it didn't work out. I have Saturn in Aqu, and they had Mars in Scorpio usually.

Astromarkt said...

Hi Barb, the hairdresser is a great example, thank you. Conjunctions seem to be the less difficult Mars-Saturn synastry aspects and I am happy to see that Venus trine Sun and Moon makes a nice difference!

And to anonymous:
I also suppose that it makes a difference when there is a loving relationship (with perhaps also such nice Venus aspects) instead of a distance. You said that it never worked out. So I guess that a Mars-Saturn affliction doesn't help to make (Mars) commitments (Saturn)?

Anonymous said...

What a great post! My Saturn in Libra is well aspected, but another astrologer with a challenged Mars that conjuncts my Saturn once sent me an email that said she thought I was abrasive. I loved that. It demomstrated the connection perfectly to me, given that this astrologer whom I respect and enjoy, posts frequently on projection. Nobody else in my experience has ever found me abrasive. Pain in the ass, yes, but that choice of wording is my point. Fabulous. Thanks for the excellent blog!