Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice chart

The narrowest aspect in the Winter Solstice chart of 2011 is the applying trine between Sun and Jupiter. That is rather nice, this symbol of prosperity, even though the next one is Mars square Pholus (a turning point in a battle). In a way this Winter Solstice chart could point at growing hope and risky competition or aggression at the same time. If this was the chart of an individual, there would be self confidence and (because of that) growing prospects together with a tendency to take risks that could cause injuries. But only if this person was a military man or in a country at war or a later young lad who lives in the kind of neighborhood where one needs to fight to keep standing. 
Zeus/Jupiter is the symbol of moving forward
A Sun trine Jupiter is a jolly good aspect for a day (or 3), but the Sun moves on and so do we. Last year's Jupiter conjunct Uranus gave hope, but 2011 showed us revolutions that ended in question marks and economic ups and downs that after all brought us all at a lower level. The Sun is trine Jupiter and square Uranus on December 22. That is just like last year again a picture of hope. We can only hope that this time Jupiter-Uranus will bring us sudden windfall and relief and not just the hope for it. The expectations of 2012 are very law and there are even ideas about the world's end. Every era has those kind of ideas, but let us face it: there is a world economy in trouble and the West begins to loose the competition with developing countries like India and China. In my country thousands face the end of their job. It won't be easy in 2012, they say, but I wonder about March 12, 2012.

On the 12th of March 2012 Jupiter in Taurus will be trine Pluto in Capricorn. Sounds like growing profit and success in the material world. Sounds like a good beginning of spring. Is that just hope?...I hope not. Last time there was good news about the Euro and the market went up with Jupiter trine Pluto. So...perhaps this will happen again. But just like Sun trine Jupiter this aspect will be over and gone in a few days. And few of us will benefit from stocks rising...

I don't know what to think of this years Winter Solstice chart. The world is not homogeneous. People are different and so are countries and economies. But all human beings want to have hope for the years to come. In that sense it is great to see that there is still hope in the charts of astrological and calendar charts of importance. Hope keeps us going, so let us keep hope! 

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