Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mourinho: news maker

This post is about unaspected suns and sun inconjunct Uranus and Mars-sun affliction. The example is the trainer of Real Madrid, who managed ti be rather quite today (and that drew the attention of reporters all over the world). He is not often calm.

Jose Mourinho (January 26, 1963) has progressed Mars opposition natal Sun in Aquarius these days. In the natal chart Sun is inconjunct Uranus (ruler of the sun). Would that explain a bit of his actions (like pointing a finger in someone's eye)? I read that he has been found 'beyond madness' and remembered that AstroFix MoonPluto once described Sun-Uranus as 'that is the nutty neighbour you don't invite'...With Sun quatronovile Uranus I am supposed to rejoyce in the nutty status (astrologers are consisered to be weird, aren't they), but inconjunctions may lead to lack of balance and he certainly acted in a peculiar way. It makes him a controversial news maker! But see the chart! Hoe else could he 'draw attention at any possible level, somehow, anyhow' to please the calling sun 🌅?
In Aquarius, a calling Sun has to be 'special, different' and so, in a way, he simply answers the call...and IS a special person. His nick name is Special One!

A calling Sun is for the leader or the star and (said it before) this can be at any level. He is one of the top coaches in the world.

With Sun biquintile Pluto he found a creative way to show authority. A sun in aspect with both Uranus and Pluto marks the impulsive personality.

Maybe an hour of birth would show more of his talents:). He has them.

He was 2010's best trainer and might become 2011's best trainer, but...the finger incident could be standing in the way. Today, Real Madrid lost against FC Barcelona...

Calling planets have no major aspects in sign or 5 d orb and are expressing their energy somehow...anyhow...

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