Monday, August 22, 2011

Bachelors, Virgo and Virgins

It is almost Virgo time, Venus is in Virgo and Virgo reminds me of Virgin, though they are not as cool as they appear to be, always:). I remember the Happy Virgin with Venus in Virgo-story (see: who born with the  Sun in Libra (and never married, by the way). There seem to be more batchelor with Sun in Virgo or in Sagittarius than in other signs, but I keep finding Libra when I look around. Take for example Cliff Richard. He is a Libra with Venus in Virgo, too. He even sang about bachelor boys! (See YouTube:

The 'domesticated batchelor' produced a list of famous bachelors in history (see: among whom: Ludwig von Beethoven (Sagittarius) and other componists, like Maurice Ravel. I know that Ludwig was in love with a woman once, but were they all real bachelors or were they homosexual in secret (don't tell, don't ask:). I am still looking for the hetero sexual die hard bachelor, not necessarily completely anti sexual. I mean the romantic figure who is overaged but handsome and lives in a castle waiting for the perfect bride (YOU!) to come bye. And there is one on the list: Hugh Grant! Let's see if his Venus is in Virgo...Helas! On September 9, 1960 (that is when he was born) the Sun is in Virgo and Venus is in Libra (square Saturn). Maybe a bachelor is simply created when either the Sun or Venus is in Virgo or Libra? Of course, not all Venus or Sun in Virgo remains unmarried. But apparently they are more picky when it comes to choosing a bride.

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