Saturday, August 27, 2011

Small orbs

On this blog you will only find small orbs. You know, orbs are the ranges in which an aspect is said to be in play. A 94 degree aspect is still a square - a 90d aspect- with an orb of 4 degrees. And sometimes I have to use the chart of a day of birth. If you want to know why, continue...

1. Because of the wider orbs, aspects between planets and lights are valid for at least hours and sometimes even for weeks. Thousands of men and women share the same aspects. 
2. And all the work to get a specific second of birth becomes futile when you use wide orbs. What does it matter if your Ascendant has degree 2, 4, or 8 when the orb is 6 degrees? Why do all that work and than throw it away? 
3. Because of my experience with midpoint combinations. 
The chart with hour of birth tells us about key characteristics, the main tools that a person got in order to survive life. The tightest and most individual aspects are midpoint combinations with Ascendant/Midheaven and those with the Moon. They (Ascendant, MC and Moon) move fast. If you want to be more specific, for example with twins, use those key midpoints to see the difference between one individual and another (...keeping in mind that twins, in order to distinguise themselves, may select different ways to express the same energy: also see the label Twins)

D.O.B. or W.O.B. or M.O.B.?
My advice is to use small orbs and tight aspect- or midpoint combinations. Extend the orb only if there is an object between the two other objects in a -too- large orb. ,  (There is mostly also a midpoint combination then). 
Using larger orbs, will turn the chart of the hour of birth into the chart of the day, week or even the month of birth. 

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