Monday, August 29, 2011

Men and Mars in women's charts

Last week four women were mentioned in the papers: Coco Chanel, a mayor, a model and a politician. Alle four were news because of the relationship with a man. Chanel because of her love for a German officer in war time, the mayor beause of sexual escapades on a Spanish tower, the model because of being in trouble after being the guest of the son of Khadaffi (Ghadaffi) and for being accused for being involved in him raping her friend. The politician was involved in a grant for a lover for a project in Afghanistan. Men! Their symbol is the symbol for Mars. And of course, Mars is very important in the charts of the ladies.
The mayor has Mars and Venus ‘calling’ (for passion at any level and I won’t joke about the tower).
The model was born on a day with a tight Yod between Mars (apex) inconjunct Neptune and Pluto.
The politician had a temporary importance of Mars (though, of course, she could have an angular Mars, which I don’t know). Her Progressed Sun is between opposition natal Mars and progressed Mars. She also has Pholus opposition progressed Sun and Progressed Sun in minor aspect (105d) with natal Pholus. If you want to know more about Pholus, check yesterday's post...
Last but not least: Coco Chanel’s Mars is angular, on the Descendant. That is a prominent place for Mars. See it here:
You can see the charts on
Mars is also prominent in the charts of cheating women:
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