Friday, August 19, 2011

Chart of Bill Clinton

The chart of Bill Clinton misses the Moon-Jupiter aspect that most of the American Presidents have, but what he shares with them is Mercury conjunct Saturn and Pluto for the strategic mind and the political way to mention facts (or not:). Pluto is rising before his Sun to indicate that he is the kind of man who has a strategy and a policy. In fact, the conjunction of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto define him as a man with a political minded orientation. Even though he was sort of handicapped by Mars-Neptune on the Ascendant, he managed to become and stay the President of the USA. Sun sextile Jupiter and Uranus made him inventive enough. Jupiter quintile Pluto helped him to create success. But boy, Jupiter square Pholus really made it hard not to shoot his own successes.

Mars-Neptune is about the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol but also about affairs. His reputation (MC) will always be handicapped by the affair with Monica Lewinsky. I often wonder how people manage to keep their heads up after such an ordeal, but he does. Maybe that is the key to success and maybe Sun in Leo helps him to be proud. 
Happy Birthday, Bill Clinton!

The synastry of Bill, Hillary and Monica...

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