Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mercury calling Marian Keyes

As always when I spend the spare time during my holidays reading, I consumed 1 book/day and needed to buy more. The 'remedy ' is to buy books in foreign languages, because it takes more time to finish them. In the French town Crest (medieval 51 mneter tower) I was looking for one and myastrologer's eye noticed an appropiate title: The brightest star i th sky by Marian Keyes with lots of pages to turn I very much enjoyed the story. I spent only 12 euro for a week fillled with hours of pleasure, just because of that book. Boy, can she tell a lobg story and keep you interested! I read in the hot sun, in the shadow, when the moon was rising and by the light of a candel. Of course I wanted to know where the author was in her chart, but I couldn't find more than her day of birth. Sometimes the positions on the day of birth are already a big part of the key to what you know of a person. Her Virgo Sun and Gemini Moon are both ruled by Mercury,the writer's planet. And as to be expected: her Mercury is prominent. There are no major aspects with Mercury. That means: Mercury calling! And translated from 'astrological' to English: communications at any possible level. The important Mercury is one of the ingredients of the recipe for a writer. Of course, you need more of those in you chart (with hour of birth) and ... you need to have at least pen and paper, to be educated, to be among those who like your style, to find an editor and to have an audience. Unless you like to write for yourself... Did you read the post about best selling authors, yet? My examples shared Mercury and aspects between the Moon, Jupiter and Pholus, what could also be the case in the chart of Marian Keyes, if she is born after 3 am and before 9 pm. Here is the link: http://astropost.blogspot.com/2011/06/best-seller-writers-charts.html

PS sending posts from an Iphone is not easy:) I resent this post to give the link and alter moticed into noticed...Maybe there are more faults to find, but remember: it is Mercury retrograding and while I write this the Moon is inconjunct Mercury, rather an inappropiate time to send a message anyway:).

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