Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The chart: no evidence

One year ago I wrote about the tragic story of Azaria and Lindy Chamberlain. It is now 31 years ago that a dingo took Azaria away and killed her. Her mother Lindy was accused of murder and had a hard time convincing the people and the judge that she was innocent.
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I quote:

The mother had a bad press from the start (Sun inconjunct Neptune in the natal chart) and was in a period of possible lost of freedom (SunSaturnUranus). It was a day with positions reflecting incidents or accidents (MarsUranus). She happened to share Mars-Uranus with her baby (the risk to share an accident). And the baby's chart had Sun square Saturn (it was a bad moment). One of the ways to read Sun-Saturn progressions or transits is: a period ending. Or life itself...The circumstances (a dingo hunting, a baby alone) did the rest. 

When deaths (and in particular violent deaths) are mysterious the close family members often are forced to prove their innocence. And charts are no evidence. They show the issue of violent death in the charts of the killer, the victim and the persons involved, like mourning family members. Just check the label crime or criminality and you will see surprising examples. The latest was that of Casey Anthony.

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