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Saturn, Pholus and Erdogan

Istanbul as seen from the Bospurus, May 2012
Some time ago I wrote about Saturn and Pholus related to retirement. Soon afterwards, Queen Beatrix announced her retirement (
Pholus marks the turning point (the beginning of it0 and Saturn relates this to age, career or status. As you may see in this chart with transits and progressions of Recep Erdogan, prime minister in Turkey, he  has:

1. Transit Saturn opposition progressed Sun; hard confrontation with reality, facing the facts
2. Transit Pholus sesquisquare progressed Sun; turning point in life, risk of shooting own feet
Saturn is semi square Pholus right now! It is maybe the prelude to stepping back, but Erdogan's political career 'survived' many transits and progressions of Saturn. I wrote about Erdogan and Turkey in 2010, when he had Saturn inconjunct his Sun and the supposed to be Ascendant in the chart of Turkey received hard transits of Uranus and Pluto*).

Here is the chart (no time of birth) with transits and progressions.

In Erdogan's natal chart Sun is square Mars and trine Saturn. That highlights discipline. He is a self made manager.

You may notice that the Turkish' PM has Sun in Pisces and Moon in Sagittarius. The signs are ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. The combination of Jupiter-Neptune and Sagittarius-Pisces is related to religion and believing audiences. See the article on Astromarkt. Some of the people on Taskim square have their doubts about the question if the state will remain secular with PM Erdogan and his party.

Anyway, Saturn and Pholus together seem to be announcing a goodbye in some situations. But as charts should always been seen in the light of age, gender, class, history, situation etcetera, and as the time of birth is unknown (not allowing us to see what the MC does), we will simply have to wait and see if Saturn-Pholus has other means to show that time are about to change.

*)That is why I expected riots in 2012, related to the trial against the military top. However, it didn't happen and as I said in that post: the ascendant is strictly related to the TIME of the birth of the nation. One quarter of an hour difference and all that is left is Uranus-Pluto with Mars (a revolutionary change in the army).

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