Sunday, May 26, 2013

The MC inconjunct aspect

Inconjunctions with the MC (Midheaven) have a special effect on the status, the condition, the career or the 'name and fame'. Although this doesn't HAVE to be in a disruptive way, the lack of balance creates a certain danger.
The inconjunct of Progressed Midheaven mirrors an unbalancing development in the career or in the position in the world.
When it is an inconjunct by transit, the inconjunct shows what happened to influence the position in the world.

I have a number of examples of this in (see the links in the article on illustrating the reflection of inconjuncts with MC. Of course all these examples are strictly related to the individual  of the example. Here I like to mention some more personal experiences.

a. I had the inconjunct with Progressed Midheaven and Pluto in a very stressed situation.

b. I had the inconjunct with Progressed Midheaven and Uranus in 2003. Two exciting things happened. I had a disturbing nightly anonymous nasty phone call of a stranger who apparently had access to my medical files. And I considered starting a website, but (…inconjunct) I didn't know how.

c. Later my brother offered to help me with the implementation of the very first pages of the first version of my site and gave me a date for it 6 weeks before the start with Progressed MC inconjunct Uranus, soon after T Uranus conjunct Jupiter and T Saturn inconjunct my Progressed Midheaven.  As a naive starter I forgot not to use my name. Loss of status was included!:)  (In my country they don't take you seriously anymore when you 'believe' in astrology)

d. On May 17, 2013, Mars was inconjunct my Sun and Midheaven. It was the day after my arrival in Rhodes and I slept almost all of that day (still recovering of flu and with  heavy pain in my back). Inconjunct Mars is an energy drain.

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