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Getting back to Jodi Arias

On May 10, 2013 I wrote about the importance of Mars in the case of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander. Her chart WITH hour of birth shows an even more important Mars! In the natal chart of Jodi Arias, Mars is the most important object. I'll tell you why... And I counted 4 (four) transits and progressions with Mars in the days before and after the murder. Mars is the symbol of men, sex, procreation, muscles, wounds, hits, weapons, sport, aggressions, being assertive and of getting hurt or hurting others.

You can see the post about his and her chart and the synastry here, but in short on the synastry:

- Her Mars was 112.5 d his Mars (that is a square + half semi square).
- There was also a shared minor Mars-Uranus aspect in both charts: explosive fights and ditto sex.
-Mars quindecile Eris in her chart and (as he was her age) his Eris also quindecile her Mars symbolized the obsessive war of the sexes.

Her Mars is so important because Mars is opposition Aries point and 'calling'.  It means that the energy and drive of Mars can show up anyway, somehow and at any possible level!
I also mentioned that her progressed Sun was semi square Mars and that is reflecting time for ' manifest aggression'.

Now the time of birth of Jodi Arias has been published by (1.52 a.m. on July 9, 1980).

1. First observation
With the birth time at hand, it is obvious that Mars was even more important at the moment that she was born. 

  • The midpoint Sun/Moon is square her 'calling' Mars opposite Zero Aries
  • Her very important Mars is sesquisquare Ascendant
  • Her most important planet Mars is quintile Sun for a creative way to manifest the energy and drive of Mars.
Sexuality, work, energy, action: this all motivated her, but (I think, in this case) most of all MEN.

2. Second observation:
Saturn is conjunct the midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven and trine Midheaven. This issues the need to be respected. (see: ) Saturn is also inconjunct Midheaven in the progressed chart. Read about this:
It means lost status. That might be even more important for someone with a key need to be respected.

Now we have a very important Mars and a crucial Saturn. Together they are the symbol of discipline, punishment, dead ends and death. (And how about that lonely, not aspected Juno in the 5th, inconjunct Midheaven? Transit Juno was square her progressed Saturn at the time of the murder.)

On the specific day we see:
1. Progressed Mars (her important Mars!) trine progressed Ascendant (taking action, opportunity to act)
2. Transit Mars was square natal Ascendant (hurt; active or passive)
Remember the natal Mars-Ascendant aspect?

3. I already mentioned: Progressed Sun semi square Mars (manifest aggression)
Remember the natal Sun-Mars aspect?

4.. In the progressed chart Mars is almost exactly opposition Eris (wartime)
Remember the natal Mars-Eris and the synastry Mars-Eris?

5. Transit Pluto is sesquisquare progressed Ascendant (forcing changes, frustrating stress). Pluto rules her 7th house of partners and is the natural ruler of the 8th house.

6. Transit Neptune conjunct Progressed Midheaven (confusion, seclusion). Neptune is in the 8th house  of sex, crisis, life and death of the natal chart.

There are 2 aspects between Mars and Ascendant (one transit/natal, one progressed) and there is a natal aspect already. The Sun-Mars quintile is being enforced by the P Sun semi square Mars.
Important events are reflected by the resonation of natal aspects by progressed aspects or by transit.
There were 3 hits with the important Mars in total. This is a strong signal for anger, being assertive and taking action. In a woman's chart it is also a signal for the importance of males.
Besides, there are 'supporting' aspects. They don't help much.

Maybe you find even more when you see this chart with transits and progressions for the day that she killed her former lover, Travis Alexander. It was on June 4, 2008.

On midpoint combinations Sun/Moon and AC/MC:

Earlier post on the case:

The MC inconjunct aspect:

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