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More AstroClick Travel lines

In this post I get further into AstroClick Travel lines to see if they are in line with people's careers. The results are interesting. President Holande is not at best in France. Queen Elizabeth is very formal in the UK. President Obama should move his office to New Orleans. It is just for fun (and I keep telliing you this:).

What is AstroClick Travel?  AstroClick travel lines gives you information about the astrological influences you can experience at a given place on earth.'s advice is to use AstroClick for entertainment, and not to base major decisions on it! AstroClick travel chart is one of the free charts offered by, only available in the English section. What you get is a globe with the crossing lines of planets, Sun and Moon with Ascendant, Descendant, IC and Midheaven, for example: Sun/Midheaven or Mercury/Descendant. Those lines are supposed to represent personal experiences related to the places on earth below those lines.

I gave an example in an earlier post and then I asked you about your experiences or to do the poll. There were 5 respondents, so I can hardly find the results (scroll down) representative for the users. But unlike   in other polls, they are unanimous: AstroClick Travel works!

It is just for fun, but do AstroClick Travel lines correspond with events and results in places where you live, too, I wondered? So I checked the charts of famous persons to see if their AstroClick Travel lines are in line with their career.

Consider this…
Is France OK for Holande?
  • Queen Beatrix' freedom of action is limited (Saturn AC line) in her own country, where her credibility was tested. She is more easy going in the Netherlands Antilles (Mercury Ascendant line). And that is correct!
  • Queen Elizabeth is even more 'remote' in her own country, with Saturn MC/Node DC's crossing line over London. It is the place where she accepts her destiny. 
  • Her grandson William may expect a position of authority in London one day (Pluto MC). 
  • Is it a sign for the future, that the Neptune IC line is the closest line with London, in the chart of Prince Charles?
  • Job related actions in France should be avoided by …. Francois Hollande! His Mercury IC line crosses the nation. (But he is on top of the nation! Does this mean that Mercury IC is OK, that his hour of birth is not or that the AstroClick lines have their exceptions?)
  • Deep painful conflicts were waiting in Spain and especially in Madrid of all places (Chiron AC line) for Inaki Urdangarin. He married the daughter of King Juan Carlos and was arrested for fraud. 
  • Silvio Berlusconi's Italy is covered by Moon Descendant, a line for retirement and memories.
  • Vladimir Putin's Pluto MC line over Moscow promises a powerful position over there…
  • Prince Johan Friso is in coma in a London hospital, exactly where his Saturn DC line is.

The lines over Washington in the charts of American Presidents are interesting and thought provoking.

- Try Barack Obama in Washington and what you get is unstability for business (Moon AC) but feeling at home with the children. He should move his office to New Orleans for success! (Jupiter MC line)

- Bill Clinton feels uncomfortable in Washington (Chiron AC: lessons to learn). He is more self confident in New York (Jupiter AC) and more successful in Rome or Berlin (Jupiter MC).

Maybe their hours of birth aren't correct? Or are there exceptions? Or... is it just for fun?

- George W. Bush, however, had pleasant family times in Washington (Jupiter DC), although also stress (Pluto AC).

- Richard Nixon's Neptune MC line over Washington seems to have announced loss of position…

I certainly advice you to have a look at the chart of Bono and the interesting crossing line over Istanbul. It is a mixture of Jupiter MC and Pluto DC. In the text they mention religion, spiritual ideals, and the danger of fanaticism and even despotism. I read that the people of Istanbul asked Bono to use his influence on his friend Erdogan (yes, they seem to be close, see:  )*.

As the hour of birth of Recep Erdogan is unknown, we may never know what line in his chart crosses Istanbul...

You'd better not have a Jupiter MC line over the ocean if you want to have a great position in life…unless you settle down on a ship crossing that line:).  LOL

Continue for the poll results and links...

The lines are in line with the experience always...
  1 (25%)

The lines are more in line with experiences when there is a natal aspect,too!
  2 (50%)

The lines are not in line with the experiences.
  0 (0%)
The lines are not always in line with experiences.
  0 (0%)
The lines mean nothing to me.
  0 (0%)

I travel with those lines.
  2 (50%)

*) Both Bono and Erdogan have Sun trine Saturn, an aspect for managers and those who want to be in charge.

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The advices are just for fun!

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