Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Feel good moments with Saturn

Today my Cancer mother, on bed in hospital, hardly able to move because of her broken hip,  said: "there was a horoscope in today's paper and it was exactly right". I checked the paper, found the horoscope for Cancer and the first sentence was ;" You feel restricted". Clearly true, Saturn square the late Cancer Sun.
There are more ways to feel restricted. Now, Saturn is square my Ascendant/MC and sextile my Venus. I had to clean my mother's house, do her washes and help her brush her teeth without spilling water. That is life, that is Saturn. There is stress and of course I would prefer to take care of my mother but I have to go to work, and it is busy there.... But there is also a feel good thing about it. How can Saturn, the old devil,  make you feel good?

 Well, I like to see how clean her house is now and that she has bright and shine pyamas. It feels good to take care of someone, omce you get used to the daily pattern. Maybe that is Sun/ Moon conjunct Ceres (motivated by the "big mother" principle) or Moon trine Saturn (feeling responsible) or it is my Pisces Ascendant (ok for sea and hospital). Or maybe is it just because I am a woman? In the meantime, my mother finally starts eating (I brought her a strawberry milkshake with a straw and watched her enjoy it) and now she is ready for revalidation in a nursing home. They will see if  there is room for her. Things are getting better. 

That is why I wonder about the final hot of transit Saturn square my Mars on the 15th. Tooth ache? Burn out? Broken leg? Too much work to do? Out of order? Or simply the end of this period of activities? I'll let you know! 

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