Sunday, September 23, 2012

Uranus-Pluto riot (and Orcus inconjunct Saturn)

Last Friday there were riots in a sleepy village in the North of the Netherlands (see BBC news). A girl had invited all persons on Facebook to join her birthday party. She did this by accident. In the days before the 'party' officials tried to convince the 'invited' crowd not to come to Haren, but in vain. It was, apparently, time for a riot.

This destructive 'party' in a silent village was unexpected (Uranus), dangerous and violent (Pluto). Uranus was square Pluto. Here is the chart of the day of birth of the girl (the hour of birth is not hers!) who celebrated her birthday with the transits of the day of the riots.

Apart from the fact that Uranus-Pluto mirror dramatic change and sudden stress, there is also transit Orcus (symbol of promises) inconjunct Saturn to reflect the extraordinary nasty effect of 'broken promises'.


 I wrote about Saturn-Orcus before: Saturn is quindecile Orcus in Obama's chart. During transit Saturn square Orcus, the fact that he couldn't keep all of his promises was an issue.
On Orcus and oaths (and ephemerides)

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