Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturn and hitting the floor

My mother broke her hip with transit Saturn on her Midheaven, soon after transit Saturn square her Sun. In her natal chart the Sun is inconjunct Saturn. That is perhaps why she hit the slippery stones real hard when she made a wrong move. Saturn's hard aspect is astrological for falling, biting the dust, hitting the floor and ... endings. She just left the operating room now that I write this, succeeded surgery. She is lucky if she is home before Xmas.

Earlier I wrote about Progressed Saturn conjunct natal Saturn and 'memento mori'.  I had noticed transit Saturn square her Sun at that time and saw that Saturn was on his way to a conjunction with MC. That worried me, because I know that Saturn is about aging, falling, ending periods…  One day she suddenly forgot who I was and, trying to avoid problems, I started with visiting her doctor and I hoped that it was finished for a year or so now that she got more aid, a perfect stable chair and bed and even better slippers. She was in good hands, in good order and taken care of. But: Saturn hadn't finished yet. Maybe you simply can't avoid Saturn. Especially not when there are more of such indications, like:

- Transit Chiron square Jupiter (ruler of the Ascendant), a symbolic word about healers around.
- Progressed Sun/Moon sesquisquare Uranus and semi sextile transit Saturn seems to reflect the excitement and nerves, the surgery and the limited possibility to move around.
- The fact that she was already unstable and she is old.

Of course, the situation is being mirrored in my chart.
When they called me, I was spending time in the caravan by the sea. It was with Transit Uranus exactly semi square my progressed Sun and Transit Neptune was inconjunct progressed Saturn. Uranus suddenly changes everything, like an alarm ringing in the morning. And Neptune-Saturn is the combination for illnesses and hospitals. I planned to have heavenly times by the sea and I end up by the side of a hospital bed. Hey, care taking and the sea, that is both Neptune and Pisces. Hospital must be the right spot for me in Saturn's eyes:)…
I am on the way to hospital!


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