Friday, February 7, 2014

Sochi Winter Games, chart of the start

Soon there will be the kick off for the Winter Games of Sochi, 2014. It seems that the men and women who are to compete have nice accommodations but that the journalists have to deal with unfinished hotels sometimes. Never mind, the show must go on! Let's have a look at the chart of the kick off.

The official starting moment of the Olympics in Sochi is Friday, February 7 at 20:14 hours local time, with Mercury square Midheaven and conjunct Neptune on the Descendant, opposition Pallas.

Here is the chart for that moment with the planet of achievement, competition and fighting (Mars) without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. When Mars is 'calling' there will be efforts at any possible level. The other side is that there might be aggression or attacks, too. ,The Moon in Gemini elevated and sesquisquare Venus and Pluto (rising before the Sun), hopefully intensifying the good mood. The Venus-Pluto conjunction in the 5th house of games and entertainment is still opposition Jupiter in the 11th. Perhaps the costs and the price of the games are higher than was to be expected.

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And here is the chart for President Putin on that specific day.
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There are 3 important aspects:

transit Jupiter quindecile Mars
transit Jupiter trine Venus
These two transits of Jupiter mirror growing passion. The first transit shows a strong focus (if not obsession) to succeed and for a party.

transit Saturn square Pluto is more complicated (read about the boomerang effect here: ). This transit shows the danger of the nasty sides of politics. The good thing about this transit is that it has already been exact when the games start. Saturn-Pluto combinations are frequent in the charts of individual sports men and women.

I very much hope for safe games with a happy ending for all involved and maybe even a good influence for the sake of Russian homosexuals and for the people of Sochi.

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