Wednesday, June 23, 2010

General McChrystal's Mercury called

General Stanley McChrystal was born on August 14, 1954 (no place and no time known). He was not very nice about President Obama (said he was not impressed) and pretended not to know who Vice President Biden is. Apperently the general is not a fan.
Now he has to face the President. See the story on CNN... Why do I mention this? To show you how the transits and progressions seem to indicate the perfect timing of this incident...There are 4 heavy transits and progressions indicating restrictions and upheavel. And the strong role for Mercury-Pholus in transit and synastry shows how the President and the general communicated and got hurt.

1.Transit Saturn is square natal Mars
Dead end...Being restricted in action
2. Progressed Mars is square natal Neptune
Mistake...doing the wrong thing
3. Transit Uranus is quindecile progressed Sun
Being in the news in an obsessive way
4. Transit Saturn semi square natal Mercury
Goodbye...(frustrating bad news)

And that is without hour or place of birth, so maybe there is even more.

How come that a general makes such stupid remarks in a public magazine like Rolling Stone? Perhaps it is because of the calling Mercury (Mercury without majour aspects, sesquisquare Mars (sharp words...)
When Mercury 'calls' this sometimes leads to talking too much, at any possible level. It is a good tool to use in communications, too. A 'calling' Mercury just needs a little control.

And then there was the transit of Pholus, the catalyst, the symbol of the turning point...

There is a strong interaction between Mercury and Pholus in Obama-McChrystal's synastry.There is also an active transit.
Transit: Transit Pholus was trine the calling Mercury of McChrystal and offered an opportunity for a mental turning point or: for shooting your own foot just by communicating like you do.

Synastry with Obama: The general's Mercury is opposition the Pholus of Obama, by the way, and vice versa! Maybe that explains why the words of the general hurt so much and why the general will now be hurt by the anger of Obama.

Isn't that coincidence?
Here is the chart of President Obama and the positions on August 14, 1954.

Another Pholus aspect is Saturn-Pholus in the general's natal chart, reflecting the risk of a turning point in career. See the label 'Pholus' for more.

It takes 3 or more indications for serious (happy and unhappy) incidents like being fired, getting involved in accidents or falling deeply in love. Transits and progressions making aspects similar to those in the natal chart or with prominent planets of the natal chart have a stronger effect.

Talking about Mercury...Were you looking for the chart of Freddie Mercury? Click for Art&Astrology here...

Also born on August 14,1954: Mark Fidrych, famous baseball player. He died April 13, 2009 due to an accident.


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