Saturday, June 26, 2010

Astrology and Gwyneth Paltrow's diet pattern

Basic changes are needed for macrobiotic actrice Gwyneth Paltrow, who had bad results in a Vitamine D-test. That is what she told the world (on her website). More sunshine (or meat, butter and milk) might be required (or more pills of course☺) . This post is about what in her chart shows the vitamine defecit or the fanatic diet and weakness of the bones. Perhaps there is a genetic disorder for Vitamine D, too? Maybe it is in the family genes (Moon and Ceres are involved). Anyway: the inconjunction between Pholus and Pluto drew my attention, because of an earlier post. And so did today's transits of Pholus and Pluto.

The AC/MC midpoint =Moon and the hard transit coming from Pholus on that crucial midpoint is showing that it is time for a change in habits. Pholus (the turning point) is prominent (angular placement, on the Ascendant) in the natal chart and so will this transit be. The Moon is related to Ceres and Saturn and that includes: nutrition (Ceres) and bones (Saturn).
Pholus is inconjunct Pluto in the natal chart. I have just posted about the extraordinary event on Wimbledon, exhausting the players and causing a ‘ crippled’ victory.

Third: the importance of the angular Moon and Saturn. The Moon is trine Ceres. Saturn is 112.5 degrees (square+half semi square) Ceres. This Moon, Saturn, Ceres and Midheaven combination could be read as: the disadvantages (Saturn) of a habitual (Moon) diet (Ceres) for the condition (MC) and the lack (Saturn) of what is needed (Moon) in nutrition (Ceres) related to the condition (MC) or a condition (MC) related to bad (Saturn) food (Ceres) habits (Moon). You can read this in various manners, but the result for the condition remains the same.

2. TRANSIT PLUTO SQUARE SUN (and natal Sun conjunct Pluto)
Sun conjunct Pluto (rising before the Sun) tends to be fanatic and the Sun rules the 6th house of diets and daily patterns. (The symbol of patterns is Pallas and she is in Virgo, the sign of diet. Pallas is close to the horizon.) For those with a Sun-Pluto aspect in the natal chart, progressions and transits between Sun and Pluto have a strong effect. Transit Pluto is now square her natal Sun. This transit issues cases of life and death and is very stressful and challenging often. It is one of the life changing transits that you can find in another post (link here…).

Bonestructures are related to Saturn and Capricorn. Transit Saturn’s conjunct natal Mars shows that the issue of death ends and lack of energy.
Quaoar, the creator of new realities, is opposition natal Saturn. The question is: structural change!

Gwyneth Paltrow is a celebrated actrice. The importance of the Moon – ruler of the 5th house of plays and games, in hard aspect with AC/MC, still in orb for quintile Venus and the position of ruler 1 Neptune on top of this chart in a wide opposition with Moon (both in aspect with the Ascendant) shows the pattern of artistic talents. Jupiter and Pluto (the combination of successes) are in aspect with Sun and Mars. The Sun is also involved in a combination with Jupiter and Neptune (for the fans, and the believing and admiring audience). More posts about the pattern of artistic talent on Art&Astrology.

The Moon is the symbol of habits and diets. For more information about the Moon and diet, and what colour food to eat on what day, see Astromarkt HERE...


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