Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama's inconjunct Neptune and how about you?

This post is about Obama (and you, of course). Two transits mirror the difficulties of today: Transit Uranus opposition progressive Sun and transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Sun. This post is more about the the inconjunction with Neptune. Here is his chart (natal, progressions and transits for today):

Problemous news is making Obama’s life hectic, even if he didn’t cause the problem, like now with the Gulf oil disaster.
Uranus is the symbol of news, the opposition is related to ‘ the others’ and the progressed Sun refers to life in progress. The transits and progressions show the problem: someone else caused an accident/incident and now he is nervous.
Transit Uranus has been opposition Obama’s progressed Sun in March.Transit Saturn will be conjunct his progressed Sun again in July. Then Transit Uranus comes back mid August and starting March of 2011. And if that is not enough, Neptune will be mirroring trouble from then on till after next elections.
Transit Neptune inconjunct Progressed Sun: that is the transit that won’t stop damaging the image of Barack Obama until February 2013. Again and again Neptune will catch up with the Progressed Sun or vice versa. The transit will start its ‘activities’ in March 2011, reflecting the ‘ fallen angel’ (and bad press). I have another one: it won't be easy to live up to the expectations (his and those of his fans and followers).

Now how about you?

If your (progressed) Sun is in the 29th degree of Cancer or Virgo your (progressed or natal) Sun is inconjunct Neptune in June and July of this year 2010. In 2011 the transit comes back in January/February, and in the last four months. If you were born with Sun sesquisquare Neptune your progressed Sun will be inconjunct Neptune within 15 years. If you were born with Sun opposition Neptune your progressed Sun will be inconjunct Neptune within 30 years. With Sun tightly square Neptune in the natal chart, it will take about 60 years for the Sun to be semi sextile or inconjunct Neptune.

Your natal Sun is in the 29th degree of Cancer for those born around the 21st of July and in the 29th of Virgo for those born around the 21ste of September. Your progressed Sun is in the 29th degree of Virgo if you are 20 and born on September 1, for example. Just calculate your chart and progressions on Astro.com.

There is a difference in situation and condition that shows up with inconjunct Neptune, but you will always experience that your weaknesses show in a disproportionate way. If you are old, your health situation might suffer. If you were dating, you may experience disappointment after disappointment without understanding why: you are just overly negative and that shows…If you were an idol before, your weaknesses show and your admirers know. If you were not an idol, you might become one, suddenly, and be lost in the world of the media. Sun inconjunct Neptune shows that there is little proportion in his relationship with the media and in beliefs of all kinds (yours and others). Also, your lifestyle might not be in balance with his ideals or vice versa. You even might loose contact with reality (but only in extreme cases of course!). In other words: with Sun inconjunct Neptune you have to get real and give up some of your beliefs and ideals. For some of us that is reason for loosing grip. Others might find a new balance between real life and glorious dreams.

Is there anything good about Sun inconjunct Neptune? Yep. You may be negative and face disillusions about the real world, but you might also see that in order to realize a dream or live life the romantic/idealistic/artistic way you have to give up part of yourself and take care not to loose your you and your self image. It is difficult but essential to keep up the spirit and to believe in yourself (but facing reality, too). That is how I see it. And this aspect is of course more important when your Neptune is important, like in the chart of Obama, whose Neptune is on top and square natal Sun (and inconjunct the Sun of JFK, BTW).

More examples here…Like Pat Robertson and more heroes, idols and fallen angles.... Sun inconjunct Neptune-examples:
. Idol Susan Boyle
. The dramatic and disappointing romantic love of Maria Callas for Onassis (Onassis' Neptune inconjunct her Sun),
. The adoration of Obama for JFK (Obama's Neptune is inconjunct JFK's Sun)
BTW: Russell Crowe has natal Sun inconjunct Neptune, too.


1. Sun-Neptune combinations in general diffuse you about yourself or others. See the post about Sun Neptune...

2. Barack Obama's Progressed Sun sign is changing this presidential period and the first aspect in the new sign is a trine with Jupiter. That is very beneficial. The transit of Neptune occurs before and after this trine with Jupiter. So his personal life might
improve, while there is a tendency to 'demystification' .

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