Friday, June 11, 2010

Chart of Lionel Messi

I found the presentation of a chart with hour of birth for the young soccer (football) player Lionel Messi on this site Astrologia Diana Rosa: using Google in Spanish. It is 20:20. I don’t know the source of this hour. Is it coincidence that Spica is on Midheaven, promising wealth and fame or is this a ‘ guess chart’ or ‘ corrected chart’? If that is so, it was a good one, because the positions correspond with what you’d expect, like the Ascendant semi square Saturn (and think of his nick name ' La Pulga', because of being small and fast. Saturn is the symbol of limitations and concentrations (and of small things).
So, here are some of my observations for this chart.

Ruler 1 Uranus is in Sagittarius and the angular Jupiter is trine ruler 1 Uranus: double statement for inventive techniques and positive changes in his life because of a helicopter view. These changes, this sudden windfall, is happening now. But this is not the first or the last time that Jupiter and Uranus marked important periods in his career. When he had his debute in the first team of FC Barcelona, transit Neptune would be square progressed Midheaven and Progressed Midheaven would be semi square Uranus (ruler 1) and quindecile Jupiter. Interesting, this repeating pattern of Jupiter and Uranus…Together with Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in tight aspect with Midheaven in the natal chart, too. The first chart in this post is the debute chart (natal, transits and progressions).

The progressed Sun has been inconjunct Uranus and that was disturbing his fysical balance, but now the progressed Sun is moving towards a square with his angular Jupiter: it will be OK, he will get better (but maybe not during the first week of this WC). Within one year the Jupiter-Uranus progression has completed and the positive changes have occurred. Here is the chart for now:

The angular Jupiter is connected with the Sun by a sesquisemisquare (67.5 degrees). On July 5, 2010 transit Jupiter will be square natal Sun. That is another good sign for success.

Pluto is on top of this chart. Transit Pluto was opposition natal Sun in the last months of 2009, when he won three important cups. Winning also meant stress and a body being ‘ exploited’ and challenged, of course together with a strong will to win and impress. He impressed, but forced to much of himself. That is why he is tired. He is a top scorer with 34 goals in 2009/2010!

Later this summer, in August, there will be another combination of Saturn and Pluto followed by Jupiter and Uranus. But first: the WC! Use the labels under this post for more about football, the Jupiter Uranus combination or the combination of Saturn and Pluto in Sports.


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