Friday, June 25, 2010

Christopher Coke, Neptune and Moon

A drugs cartel leader with the apposite last name ‘ Coke’ has been arrested and transferred from Jamaica to the USA. About 70 persons died since the warrent. He was born on March 12, 1969 just like Graham Coxon (guitar player, Blur), Beyazit Ozturk (showmaster) and had Silver (ice hockey player). What in the position of March 12, 1969 applies to a leading drugs dealer AND to artists or hockey players? Personal charts with hour of birth inform us about angular (crucial!) positions and the exact degree of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven. Aspects between Sun and planets are equal for all those born on the same day. The effect of the qualities that the aspects are representing is different for men and women, animals and human beings and are coloured by genes, situations, history, social positions and culture. The father of Christopher Coke died in jail, shot by unknown persons. So crime was in the family (either in the genes or in the social/economic situation).

Neptune is the symbol of drugs. So I guess that Neptune is of importance in the chart of mr. Coke. In the guess chart I placed Neptune on his Ascendant. Neptune then rules the 4th house of family background and sits on the AC (situation, names and nick names). In this guess chart Mercury (traffic) is on the IC. Yes, it would be nice for astrology if mr. Coke was born at 23 hours☺. Because today transit Neptune is square his Neptune and the guess Ascendant, symbolizing the negative personal situation and giving up (surrender).

Last year the USA asked for the extradition of Coke. That was with progressed Sun inconjunct Uranus (a change in life including a lost of freedom and independence). Now that he is being transferred to a jail in the States, transit Jupiter is opposition the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in his natal chart. Jupiter is conjunct Uranus today, like in his natal chart, but in the opposite sign (and inconjunct the estimated Midheaven of this chart). The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is opposite Chiron in Aries and the transits of Jupiter and Uranus today are conjunct Chiron in Aries.
Coke wanted to surrender because of the number of victims related to the attempts to arrest him and asked Reverend Al Miller to accompany him doing so. Jupiter-Uranus is the combination of relief. The opposition points at the relief for others or on behalf of others. That would also be in line with Neptune. Neptune is also the symbol of heroism and idols. Coke was dressed up as a woman (they say) and disguise is part of the Neptunic vocabulary, too. That is why I think that Neptune is important for Coke.

Also Transit Saturn is inconjunct progressed Pholus (negative turning point in a career) and this summer transit Saturn will be opposition his natal Uranus (mirroring limits of freedom).

And if this guess chart is true, transit Jupiter inconjunct Midheaven and quindecile progressed Midheaven shows the ‘ international’ aspect of it all, included the losts, the lack of balance and the never desired move to another country. Jupiter would be in the 9th house in the progressed chart, joined by Uranus and Pluto (the combination for a sudden change or arrest).

Interesting besides: the progressed Sun is biquintile the progressed Jupiter now, reflecting a creative way to make life better or being helped in a creative way. I wonder in what way? Perhaps in the way that he was arrested (dressed up, helped by a vicar?).

How about the showmaster, the guitar player or the ice hockey man born on the same day? Notice that the Moon is the oriental object in this chart, rising before the Sun and Mercury. The Moon doesn’t make major aspects. That makes the symbol of education, early environment and family influences the most important symbol in this chart. Your genes and social/economical circumstances are most important and should be considered while reading any chart. But when Ceres and/or the Moon are prominent, these considerations are of extreme importance. Like in this chart.


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