Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Carlos Quieroz

Just a quick glance at the time unknown chart of Carlos Quieroz, the happy coach of Portugal (defeating North Korea with 7-0) was enough:

- progressed Sun in the 11th degree of Pisces is sextile natal Jupiter in the 11th degree of Taurus and Jupiter is for success;
- transit Northern Node is at 12 Capricorn and that is pretty close to the natal Sun (how about reading this as 'starring role in a community?)
- transit Jupiter is sextile the natal ('calling'!) Pholus.
I tend to see Pholus (shoot, foot) as a symbol of football. Jupiter sextile Pholus than means: succesfull or international (Jupiter!) football.

The Portugese coach has Sun trine Jupiter in the natal chart and that is great (think this over...:)

It is hard to believe, but a nice aspect with Jupiter sometimes means ... nothing special. I mean: you can't count on an effect. See the posts about Jupiter and Jupiter in the 12th house about this and don't expect too much. If you don't your chances of feeling great will grow, even without promotion, success, travelling or 'being published'. Jupiter sometimes means being helped by a good advice or doctor, meeting a coach or counting your blessings...(especially when Jupiter is in the 12th house of the natal chart or by transit).



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Very nice post. :))))

Tudo d ebom.


Astromarkt said...

Thanks and CU, António:)