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(Progressed) Sun-Venus aspects

Venus is the symbol of aesthetics and all that is related to the good things in life. Words like honey, beauty, charm, diplomacy, style, decoration, entertainment, pleasure, kindness, sweetness, love and tenderness, but also being lazy, having fun and relaxing cross my mind. Peace and quiet, consolation and the experience of kindness are also part of the vocabulary of Venus. There must be many more words ruled by Venus. One of them is 'wish'.

The Sun in aspect with Venus sheds a bright light on aesthetics and on what you desire. Mostly the aspect is the conjunction, sometimes it is the half semi square or semi square. In progression we see the same kind of aspects between Sun and Venus. A conjunction refers to a starting point or to ‘ coming together’ . When the Sun is together with Venus, we expect the light to be tempered, the warmth to be nice and life to go along with pleasures, luxury and love. It is the kind of aspect that belongs to easy going, relaxed and well educated persons. It is useless in the hands of brutes and can be abused to ' charm' others for profit. With the Sun conjunct Venus you want to be nice or look nice and be liked.

When the progressed Sun is conjunct Venus (or progressed Venus) life developes in a pleasant way (often according to your wishes). This might be manifested by getting married, having a baby, finding love or starting a life as an artist, realising how nice life is, getting closer to your true love, becoming a diplomate or starting a more relaxed period in life with more fun than before. You want to be estetic, look good and get associates.
I have seen this aspect in the charts of bachelors who decided to get married late. I have seen it in the charts of artist when they started to BE an artist (a pro). I have seen it in the charts of people who experienced an improvement in life. This progression occurs at any age and sometimes it is when a person is a child. When a wish (Venus) comes true (Sun) at young age, it is often the realization of a parent’s wish and the child being ‘ sweet’.

Progressed Sun conjunct Venus opens your eyes for what is beautiful, for art, for pleasure, for the good things in life.
With the half semisquare or semisquare it might be more difficult to get what you desire, but there is always an awareness of what is beautiful and desirable. Other possible events for an artist: starting another sort of art (painting instead of making movies, making music instead or decorating houses).

Aspects of Venus specify the sort of ‘ estetics’ involved. When Uranus is in aspect with Venus in the natal chart, excitement, adventures and surprises go along with Venus. When it is Saturn, there will be responsibilities, parenthood, mortgages and possibly breaking points. With Jupiter it is a party. With Mars passion is involved. With Neptune it is romance and with Pluto it is a challenge. But always, the Sun with Venus refers to making choices, to preferences, taste and desire. From that moment on you will know what makes your life a happy life and who or what you need to live happy ever after the progressed Sun in aspect with Venus. Sometimes it is your carreer (with a partner) like Tina Turner ((See Astrology and Love) Sometimes improvement is a divorce (like in the case of Princess Margareth of England who separated in the year of Progressed Sun conjunct Venus. See ...Arnold Schwarzenegger’s star was rising when he was Conan the Barbarian and had progressed Sun conjunct Venus.

Maybe this aspect provides you with what you wished for. So be carefull what you wish when your progressed Sun is about to make an aspect with (progressed) Venus:). It doesn't happen often. And just like transit Venus conjunct Sun or Midheaven, it may just be unnoticed or get bye without much excitement or appreciation from your side, depending on your natal chart, contemporary transits and progressions etc.

More (Progressed) SUN-VENUS EXAMPLES
Shilpa Shetty has Sun semisquare Venus (read the post)
Sacha Baron Cohen married the mother of his child with Progressed Venus conjunct natal Sun.

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Thanks for the info. I met the love of my life, my romantic soul mate, when both my progressed sun and transit sun conjunct my natal venus. Wanted to share that with everyone.

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Thank you Karen! It is great to have personal examples!