Thursday, June 17, 2010

Synastry coaches Okada (Japan)-Van Marwijk (Netherlands)

The chart below shows the astrological postions at noon for the day that Takeshi Okada was born in Osaka. He is the Japanese coach (WC 2010).Bert van Marwijk is the Dutch coach. His positions are the 'transits'. Okada doesn't like Van Marwijk and it is more than a matter of competition. Okada is offended because Bert van Marwijk forgot him, completely, and didn't remember his face. Van Marwijk even asked him if he knew who the Japanese coach was...

It is easy to dislike each other, because:
- The Sun of Van Marwijk is opposition the Saturn of Okada (distance)
- The Sun of Van Marwijk is inconjunct the Neptune of Okada (disproportional grieve)
- The Sun of Van Marwijk is square the Pluto of Okada (anger)
- The Northern Node of Van Marwijk is square Okada's Saturn (distance again)
- The Mars of Van Marwijk is square the Uranus of Okada (short temper..)
- The Jupiter of Van Marwijk is opposition the Uranus of Okada (I liked the interpretation of Skyviewzone, especially the part of little understanding of what each of the two is about:)

Yes, this interaction between the natal chart positions shows distance, disturbance, hot temper and humilation. And that is exactly what Okada says: he thinks that Van Marwijk humilated him.

On Saturday June 19, 13:30 hours, there is the match Netherlands-Japan in Durban RSA. Let's see if revenge rally is sweet:)

What if you meet a person who has such a lot of difficult synastry aspects with you? Avoid the man or woman!:) Unless you really like to be tought a lesson in relationships...You can calculate the synastry aspects between your chart positions and his/hers even if you don't know the hour of birth. Just create a 'time unknown' chart with the transits for the day of birth of the partner and see what aspects are between the positions. Curious about aspects and more basics of astrology? Click here...


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The Netherlands won (1-0)