Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mercury calling...

Twitter is a typical product of Mercury. Mercury is the planet of birds, talking, speaking, words, communications, messages, blogging, transportation and…twitter. Especially when Mercury is ‘calling’ (that is: not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) people want to talk just for the sake of talking, write just for the sake of writing and twitter just for the sake of twitter. A ‘calling’ Mercury makes it difficult to be silent or count to 10 before opening the mouth. 
Examples? General McChrystal; Oriana Fallaci; someone I know who keeps you on the phone for hours, talking about nothing special…and I suppose a lot of twittering folks on Twitter. 

It is not bad when your Mercury is calling. It is just that you need to send messages and inform the world about your ideas. It is just bad when you twitter or say the things that your bosses (or worse: the authorities) don’t like to hear. This week a reporter joked on Twitter about a singer and he was fired because his job was to report about the singer on a contest. He had progressed Sun inconjunct Pholus to illustrate the lost (of a job) because of shooting his own foot or biting the hand that fed him. But could he have counted to 10? He had Mercury calling! sort of a drive to tell the world what you think, like bloggers do:) 

Mercury ‘ calling’ can be very helpful in sales. It is also perfect for a writer. The words won't fail you! Mercury ‘ calling’ is a prominent Mercury and one of the astrological tools for succes in communications. Mercury ' calling' is about communicating,somehow, anyhow. Mercury calling is to be preferred over Mercury-Uranus afflictions (that is when you keep joking or saying the wrong, offending or shocking things in the wrong context and in the wrong place, like Berlusconi does, or when nobody understands your irony).  Nevertheless, Mercury can call you to be the messenger whose head is chopped off. That is when you say what nobody wants to hear, just like with a Mercury-Uranus affliction. 

If your Mercury is ‘ calling’, don’t answer until you counted to 10 and write things down, read it, think it over and decide wether or not to tell the world about it. Just hum or whistle if you have to make noise:). And when you do the talking, say political correct and social things. It will be hard, but when your chart shows hard times it might be better to fight your first impulse and consider more profitable ways to use your talents (writing, singing or selling:)... Sounds easy, but try to repeat this whit your mouth shut!!@$! 



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