Monday, June 21, 2010

Andrès Escobar

Colombian football player (defender) Andrès Escobar deflected the ball into his own net during a match against the USA and was murdered when he returned to Medellin. He was born March 13 1967 and died July 2, 1994. His progressions and transits show the importance of the individual chart (AC,MC and Moon degrees) and of the situation/circumstances in an individual's culture and country. The level of danger is different in different countries and the passion (and gambling) around football (soccer) is more intense in passionate countries.

The astrological picture is incomplete because we don't know the hour of birth, but watch this:
Escobar's progressed Sun was inconjunct natal Pluto.
Transit Pholus was inconjunct his natal Saturn.

Shooting your own foot (or goal; Pholus) causes extraordinary (inconjunct) disadvantages (Saturn) and your life and lifestyle in this period is at danger with disproportional stress.
Inconjunctions often mean a lost.

In the natal chart of Escobar Saturn doesn't make any aspect at all. This 'calling' Saturn at Aries Point points at the importance of mistakes, career, ambition and caution. It is a fine position for a manager.
Any transit or progression with this calling Saturn is to be important.

Again, this chart didn't kill him or else any person born that day would be death by now. One of them is a Dutch referee who is now starting a career in...politics. Administration is one of the key words of Saturn, too.

In general the inconjunction between Pholus and Saturn refers to an unbalancing turning point in a career. The inconjunction between Sun and Pluto shows a possible lost of selfesteem. An inconjunction is a 150 degree aspect, often between positions in the chart with a distance of 5 signs (like 0 Aries and 1 Virgo) with a maximum of 2 degrees orb.

This example of Saturn-Pholus can be added to the others in the Pholus Files...


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