Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marcello Lippi, the lost match and the retirement

Marcello Lippi’s team (Italy) lost and he immediately retired. What transits and progressions of the chart (no hour of birth) support this event?

1. His progressed Sun is conjunct Uranus
That is one of many signs of changing times and lifestyles. The progression with Uranus often reflects sudden changes, incidents or upheavel (nerves).
2. Transit Pluto sesquisquare Mars
Forced to defend yourself or a difficult competition (and the risk of getting hurt)
3. Transit Saturn square natal Jupiter
Ups and (more) downs…

Here is the chart.

The example of Lippi is an example without hour of birth. Perhaps his individual natal or progressed chart offer more astrological info for the present personal situation. Remember: it takes more than 2 indications for a major change in life or lifestyle! See a list of possible indications here...

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