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Mercury trine Uranus and Progressed Sun square Mars

Mercury-Uranus: learn to count to 10
Whenever I read about controversial discussions, I think of Mercury-Uranus. It is an aspect for provoking discussions and communicating political incorrect opinions or ideas in the wrong company, before having counted to ten. This post is about a Mercury trine Uranus. 
A trine is a harmonious aspect and offers chances. The trine shows what you can do (and often you choose the easy way and do what you can do). Astrological aspects don't show right or wrong. They just show possibilities. In this example Mercury trine Uranus made it possible to write a shocking book named ' Deutschland schafft sich ab'. A complete controversy followed...

The author is Thilo Sarrazin, a controversial German politician (SPD, socialist democratic party) born on February 12, 1945 in Gera. His Mercury is trine Uranus with a 2 degree orb. In progression Uranus has now reached natal Mercury and perfected the trine. This year his progressed Uranus is trine his Mercury. Exactly this year he is in the news (Uranus) with his books (Mercury), ideas (Mercury) and opinions (Mercury). 
Trines enable events. A trine between Mercury and Uranus enables you to rebel with words and Sarrazin wrote a political incorrect book. Now mrs. Merkel wants him to be fired. This happens with his Progressed Sun square Mars. One of the meanings of Mars

Continue for the chart, the links and more about Progressed Sun square Mars and an advice for the Mercury-Uranus-man or woman...

This is the chart of the day of birth of Sarrazin (without hour, so without the degrees and signs of Ascendant and MC, without the degree of the Sun, without angular placements!). The picure shows you the aspects, transits and progressions. 
chart of February 12, 1945 with progressions and transits

*) Mrs. Merkel wants Sarrazin to be fired or to resign. That's what you get when you play (Sun) with fire (Mars): when your progressed Sun is square natal Mars. Mars is the symbol of FIRE, the ruler of Aries (a fire sign). With progressed Sun you risk to get FIREd or cross the line. It is just one of the meanings of Sun-Mars. I remember a Sun-Mars aspect in the chart of Sarkozy, when he was ' the target' of accusations (link). 

Apart from the Mercury trine Uranus-perfection (the perfect moment for controversy) and the moment for action (or getting fired or hurt with Sun-Mars we see:

-Transit Quaoar is in aspect with Mars, Saturn and Mercury, creating a serious discussion.

- The transit Node in 10Cap7 is inconjunct the progressed Uranus (an awful lot of upheaval in a community with the risk of a lost or losing balance)

- Transit Saturn square Saturn and Pluto opposition Saturn. See Astromarkt about Saturn-Pluto...

- His natal is Sun quindecile Pluto. For more about Sun-Pluto natal and transits or progressions, see Astromarkt... For more about quindecile (165d), see the label.

With Mercury-Uranus what you say or think may be wrong, shocking, crazy or a provocation (in the eyes of others). Sometimes Mercury-Uranus is the aspect of the eye-opener and a few times the expressed ideas are simply bright. (But that is an exception!:) In an oppressive society, having a Mercury-Uranus in the chart is a burden. People with this aspect often have to learn (Mercury) to change their mind quickly, depending on the receiver of the message. Or they have to learn that you can't just interrupt a discussion or a speaker. 

Mercury-Uranus can be manifested in the small circle of home, where the Mercury-Uranus person always feels the need to see the other side of what the rest considers to be the truth and/or provokes discussions about those differences of opinion. Mercury-Uranus in science: you come up with ideas untimely, before the time is 'ripe'. Mercury-Uranus works when you interrupt discussions or the flow of a conversation. Mercury-Uranus just can't wait to hear a (long) answer...Another possible problem is that you are disturbing others with talking...

Advice: take a notebook and pencil with you (write it down instead of speaking). And think twice before publishing your ideas, especially when you are afraid for what others might think of you. Or simply count to 10 and ask yourself if you need to say what you think now, to this person. Unless you want to rebel and be discussed, of course.

BTW  A lot of  astrologers have a Mercury-Uranus aspect and a lot of them heard shocking opinions about astrologers:)...

Jimmy Carter is sometimes controversial and has Mercury opposition Uranus.
Silvio Berlusconi is very controversial. He has Mercury inconjunct Uranus.

What in a chart shows the possibility of bias? See Astromarkt, follow the link.



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