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Mars square Uranus on October 12, 1983

The Katie Piper story is a tragic story about a beautiful woman whose ex-boyfriend hired a person in order to throw acid in her face on March 31, 2008. She was born October 12, 1983, just like the late Anthony Arline (football standout, suicide July 2010) , Gonzalo Garcia (football; attacking midfielder) and Alex Brosque (soccer player, had a baby on March 2, 2010) or Nolan Reimold (basesball outfielder*) and many many more men and women who didn’t have this nasty experience. The hours of birth are unknown. So what can an astrologer say about this sad incident and about the differences between her life and the lives of the sportsmen? 

First of all: that she is a woman!...A woman with Mars rising before the Sun (and Mercury) and square Uranus...

The chart of the day of birth of Katie Piper has a prominent Mars rising before the Sun. It is the mark of the fighter (the entrepeneur, activist, soldier of sportsman) and for women it is often reflecting an orientation on what men do or on men in general. Mars is the symbol of males. While the men have an orientation on what men are supposed to do (play football, for example), to Katie Piper A MAN is of utmost importance: Daniel Lynch, her ex, a martial arts enthusiast…

This oriental Mars is square Uranus. Mars-Uranus is the combination of incidents, accidents, short fuses and special drives or energie. In the charts of the males, this is one of the indications of possible divorce. It is accelerating drives, aggression and efforts. In the charts of those who need to be driven and swift, this aspect is helpful but it can also cause driving too fast. People with Mars-Uranus want to make changes, now! But what if you are a woman with an oriental Mars square Uranus? Apparently, you might get involved in accidents or incidents with peculiar men or sudden (Uranus) attacks (Mars) ment for you.

On the day of the incident, she had already been stabbed by Lynch two days before. We see three important progressions.
-       Progressed Venus square Neptune (disappointing love, an affair),
-       progressed Sun semi square progressed Neptune (frustrating desillusion and isolation
Or read this as: love life and fysical beauty at stake...mistaken love...
-       Progressed Mars semi square progressed Saturn (dead end; when she saw her face she first wanted to die)  
Everybody born on October 12, 1983 might have had one, two or all three of those progressions at a certain moment, months before or after the incident of March 31, 2008. Circumstances, situations and personal individual charts offer a range of possible ' output'. Charts can't be read without knowing gender, social/economic circumstances and situations. It makes a difference where you are born and how...And it makes a difference when!

Women with Mars rising before the Sun are fighters, just like men, and sometimes they get involved with fighters, soldiers, activists or sportsmen. Usually they are the kind of iron ladies like Margareth Thatcher, who has Mars rising before her Sun. Many more examples and more about Mars oriental (= rising before the Sun) here…

See more about Mars and Uranus on Astromarkt…Did you know that Frida Kahlo was born with Mars conjunct Uranus and that an accident changed the course of her life? More about her here…

*) The Sun is opposition Pholus on October 12, 1983. It was a day with a turning point in history: the first cellular phone was launched.  I see Pholus as the symbol of football, because this symbol emerges more than once in the charts of football players. Pholus is the Centaur who shot himself in the foot…Perhaps that explains the number of football players born on October 12, 1983. What does it say for a woman like Katie? Pholus is the symbol of the turning point in life. With Sun opposition Pholus in your chart other persons (opposition) cause this turning point.

PS Anthony Arline died on July 5, 2010. That is when transit Pluto was 75 degrees from the Sun and with transit Uranus sesquisquare Progressed Sun. The combination refers to sudden impulses and change. Transit Neptune inconjunct and transit Saturn conjunct Venus makes July 5 a sad day, showing disappointed feelings. 
(Perhaps these transits hit the Venus of Katie end of June, when she was disappointed in not getting the first prize for her documentary. )


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