Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ed Stafford, the Amazone and his birthday

This post is about the time unknown chart of the man who walked 2,5 years along the river Amazone (see the map). His name is Ed Stafford and he was born December 26, 1975 in Peterborough, England. He started his journey on April 2, 2008 and completed it last week. Two aspects on his day of birth resonated in the transits and progressions during these 859 days: Mars-Jupiter and Sun-Uranus.  Now he is a successful explorer. 

The journey in an unknown and uneasy part of the world is a Sun-Uranus journey: an adventure and enstrangement are included. About two years ago the progressed Sun was square (progressed) Uranus and that is an important symbol of changing lifestyle. In his natal chart the Sun is sextile Uranus (for an easy way out to adventure and to independence.

Progressed Mars was sextile Jupiter and showing ‘successful efforts’ and ‘increasing energy’  during the complete period. In the natal chart Mars is sextile Jupiter and in the progressed chart the sextile perfected. Mission completed!


An important aspect on the day of birth of Ed Stafford is: Sun inconjunct Ceres. Ceres is the symbol of the roots, the seeds, genes and mother earth. The inconjunction represents an extraordinary link between his way of life and his roots. 

Neptune rises before his Sun. People with an oriental**) Neptune need something more than usual to make life worth it (an ideal, a belief, a dream…).

He started his journey in April 2008, transit Uranus was square natal Mars and transit Pholus square Pholus. Those transits were reflecting the adventure and the starting point of a twist in life.  

Progressed Venus inconjunct Saturn perhaps symbolized that he left a lot behind a lot of pleasures and social contacts. Transit Pluto was conjunct progressed Venus and inconjunct Saturn at the time, mirroring difficult and hard choices. He started his journey with a friend, who left after 3 months. 

During his 859 day journey, the progressed Sun was trine Varuna (symbol of the waters!) and square Quaoar (new realities!). 

**) Oriental = orientational (in the sense that there is an orientation on x). The oriental or orientational planet is the first planet that rises before the Sun, Mercury and Venus on the day of birth. If that planet is Neptune, there is a non-materialistic orientation, as ideals, fantasies/dreams and beliefs come first.

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And I read: Happy Xmas and Happy birthday Ed…


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