Monday, August 2, 2010

Orcus, oaths and link to ephemerides

Is Orcus the symbol of oaths (or solemn promises) and the punishment for not keeping them? Or let us say: the issue of keeping oaths or not? 

Recently I watched the effect of Orcus in the chart of a man who heard about his unfaithful fourth wife. (young enough to be his daughter). I also noticed that Diana and Charles shared a tight aspect between Sun and Orcus (both charts have a Sun-Orcus aspect). See Astrology and Love about it...(the post will be on the blog on August 4, 2010).

Then I thought that it was time to investigate some charts and the position of Orcus. What examples could I use? I tried very ancient ones…something new and it is always somewhat blue…and yes! Orcus is 'involved' whenever oaths are being broken. But I still hope to find some positive and pleasant examples some day. This little 'study' is not final and just a beginning. Maybe it is an inspiration to start your own study about the effect of Orcus.
 BTW, also in this post: link to ephemerides...

First three examples of broken promisses in relationships:

1. Sandra Bullock and Jessie James. Her Orcus is at 13CA22’35”. His Sun and Saturn are in the 29th of Aries (75d minor aspect). His Neptune is sesquisqaure her Orcus. His Venus is square her Orcus. That is a whole lot of Orcus, indeed! Their charts are connected by Orcus like the charts of Andrew Young and John Edwards (see yesterday's post). For more about Sandra and Jessie, see Astrology&Love...

2. Or how about Tiger Woods’ Mercury ruler 1 and 10 opposition Orcus, tightly? This Mercury is opposition Elin’s Orcus, too and would be opposition any other woman’s Orcus if he chooses to date women of his own age. The aspects of ruler one often have an important effect on relationships.

3. Going back in time: John Lennon’s Neptune in a minor 105 degree aspect with Cynthia’s Orcus reminds me of Bullock-James again. His Northern Node is conjunct Orcus and conjunct Cynthia’s Orcus. With women of his own age John Lennon always found the Orcus-Node aspect on the way.  I guess that this aspect introduces the issue of being true to your community or family. (More about John, Cynthia and Yoko here…)

It seems that when Orcus is there, not keeping oaths is more likely than keeping them! Interaction with Orcus is reflecting the exception of the rule, perhaps.
Unfortunately, we can be certain about famous examples of breaking promises in relationships. But we can’t be sure about not breaking them, can we?:) So I decided to look for another kind of oath breaking: the oath to be faithful to your country. Who betrayed his/her country and where was Orcus in his/her chart?

a. Anton Mussert is a notorious (and controversial) example. He was the leader of the National Socialists Movement in the Netherlands during the Second World War and the Nazis presented him as the leader of the Netherlands from 1942 to 1945. In 1941 he swoar to follow Hitler (and this oath was kept a secret, even to the members of his movement). After the war he was executed. His Orcus is sesquisquare Saturn, Saturn is inconjunct Sun and Orcus is 75 degrees from the Sun.  The oath to Hitler cost him his life...

b. But how about priests breaking the oath of celibacy? Father Lawrence Murphy has Sun opposition Orcus, tightly. Read how he broak his oath…
Maybe now, knowing about Orcus, it will be easy to find priest who will be able to stick to celibacy…

The Green Duck provided a handy selection of ephemeredes so that you can find out where your Orcus is…and where Orcus is today.

Orcus is moving so slowly that aspects should be given much smaller orbs than usual! 

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