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Elvis Presley's dying day

Progressed chart of last day of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley died 33 years ago. Had he still lived, he would have been 75 now. The birth chart with transits and progressions of his last day (scroll down) and the progressed chart for August 16, 1977 (above) tell us about the circumstances. This post is about his death, with links (incl. quotes) to posts about his talent, the T-square in his chart and the relationship with his manager.

When he died his progressed Sun had just entered Pisces. When the progressed Sun changes sign often life style or life itself changes and sometimes people with a progressed  sun sign changing pass on to ‘ another life’.  There are a few interesting transits and progressions on the day of his death. They include the eight house of life and death, the twelfth of isolation and the fourth of endings. The most important planets involved are Pluto, Saturn and Neptune. Here is a list:

  • Transit Pluto is sextile natal Ascendant (an easy way out to transformation) and conjunct natal Mars. Pluto is in the 8th house of life and death in the natal chart and rules the progressed Ascendant.
  • Transit Saturn just left the eight Placidus house and is about to be inconjunct the progressed Ascendant. When Saturn leaves a house, there is often a present left behind, but (inconjunct) in this case something was taken away.
  • Transit Neptune was near the Ascendant (the conjunction was in the months before his death). Neptune rules the 4th house (of going back home) and is the symbol of weaknesses, confusion, isolation. Neptune also rules drugs, dope and medication.  Neptune is elevated in his chart. That illustrated the importance of music as well as of drugs.
  • The progressed Sun had just been quindecile Neptune for  a period of strong focus on isolation, medication and drugs. This period had not improved his health...
  • In the progressed chart ruler 8 is Mercury and Mercury is inconjunct Pluto (the ruler 8 of the natal chart). Pluto is close to the descendant in the progressed chart. It is the reflection of extraordinary mental problems.
  • And last but not least: in the progressed chart the Sun was conjunct Saturn to illustrate the end of an era (and seeing your mistakes, faults and limitations).
It is the combination of transits and progressions, natal chart and personal circumstances/genes/gender that ' does it', always.  Neptune for drifting off, Saturn for deficiency and Pluto as one of the symbols for danger (in the same short period of time) were together mirroring the disastrous situation of the addicted and overweight star. 

More observations:

  • Transit Jupiter was inconjunct Venus (statement for too much to be good for you and extraordinary popularity with a ‘but’)…
  • The progressed Moon is trine the Sun and half sextile the Northern Node (being in the spotlight in the community)
  • Transit Node is square natal Sun (unhealthy company)
  • There are a two (soon perfecting) applying narrow trines in the progressed chart: Mercury trine Mars and Venus trine Jupiter. Venus is also quintile Pluto. Like in more such cases, the success (Jupiter/Pluto) came back after death. 


The most important player in the T-square, Uranus (dispositor of the 3rd house of communications), is inconjunct Midheaven from the 5th house of pleasure, (pro)creativity and entertainment. That is a statement for a unique, very special and unbalancing position in the field of show and fun, connected to his voice.

Watch his fan sites...There are even people who do not believe that he died and they keep hoping that they will see him again one day. That is the effect of being an idol. As he is not real (Neptune on top) he stayes alive in everybody's imagination.

Tom Parker's Quaoar*) is precisely inconjunct the Sun of Elvis. Elvis created a completely new world for Tom Parker, who had Quaoar trine Midheaven. But there was little balance in the way that the new world of Tom Parker was connected to the life and lifestyle of Elvis.

Natal, transits and progression for August 16, 1977


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