Saturday, August 14, 2010

Obama in hype-time

Here is the chart of Obama, his natal positions, some progressions and transits. The astrological weather prediction for Obama promisses sudden mist and faint lightning. The symbols of flashes and unclarity are making hard aspects with his Sun today and tomorrow. Uranus and Neptune*) hit his Sun: it is time for a hype around his person again (a combination of true and false news in the media). And there is progressed Mercury square Saturn: mental restraint, worries and criticism...

Three is a crowd and those are three difficult transits and progressions to deal with in the light of the steps to next elections (November 2, 2010; election for House of Representatives).  Time seems to be against him right now.

What is up in his chart?
We see:

- progressed Moon is exactly sextile progressed Midheaven on September 11, 2010: an important professional moment.
- transit Uranus will be opposition progressed Sun asap (change caused by others, upheaval).
That is today or tomorrow, on the day that Japan surrendered now 65 years ago. Maybe something will shock, surprise or upset him. Transit Uranus-Sun is for controversy and for (temporarily) enstrangement.
- transit Neptune is quindecile natal Sun and almost square Midheaven again.
There is a focus on his negative sides and the media is against him. Gossip, rumours and affairs have a negative influence on his reputation. Neptune is also the symbol of beliefs and ideals. There is a spotlight (Sun) on religion (Neptune).
- progressed Mercury square Saturn doesn't make it easy to communicate and make plans. Perhaps you answer too late...Hard criticism...that is what you get with Mercury-Saturn. (For more about Mercury-Saturn, see the labels).

*) The Uranus-Neptune combination with the Sun sometimes points at losing consciousness or a sudden and confusing awaking, like with a misty morning llight. Or a hype... Upheaval about a belief is another way to read this combination.

Hypes are a combination of news and scandalls or worship and that is an astrological combiation of Uranus and Neptune. For another example see:

For more Obama, see the label...


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