Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mars-Uranus and the progressed chart of Ted Stevens

Today there was the news about Ted Stevens' death following an air crash. It was the second time that he was involved in an air crash. In 1978 his wife died and he survived. It is also the second time that I post about Ted Stevens here. The first time was two years ago, when he was found guilty of corruption. Later, they dropped all charges because of  prosecutorial misconduct .

Ted Stevens Mars was square Uranus in the progressed chart. Mars-Uranus is a combination for accidents and fast changes or injuries. It was not the only hard aspect. Transit Neptune was opposition natal Mercury and that is typical for miscommunications and misty situations with transportation. There is no hour of birth for Ted Stevens, so that the transits and progression of the Ascendant and Moon are unknown. But it is clear that in the progressed chart the Sun was sextile Pholus. And that is another word for a turning point in life. With these three symbols together there the reflection might be what happened.

Here you see the progressed positions for Senator Ted Stevens.

Another example of a Mars-Uranus accident is Richard Hammond's in 2009:

More about Mars-Uranus on Astromarkt (and see the labels below, also for more about accidents)...

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