Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How do you speak 'astrologic'? (Poll)

Learning astrology is like learning a language. Understanding astrology is related to the amount of words that you know, your practice in reading/speaking the language and of the frequency that you use it. When you start learning a language you go through various stades. It takes hours until you reach the A-level (when you can introduce yourself and ask if there is a doctor nearby). It takes weeks to understand the answer that you get:) and it takes even more months to be able to travel in the foreign country, read the messages and schedules and use the proper words in shops. When you are an advanced student in the new language you learn about dialect and exceptions and specific expressions. It is not easy to learn a new language and it is not easy to learn astrology, either. In fact, sometimes it is difficult. It takes time, effort and real interest. How many of us have this time, want to make this effort and are really interested?

On this blog I try to give examples of how astrology works in every day life. I use the news to find subjects and objects of study, telling you what I observe and how I interprete this (giving more links to examples or to other sites). It is not a blog for starters, I am afraid. And that is limiting the amount of readers, of course:).
Some posts on this blog are easy readers. Most are perhaps (too) difficult. But maybe I underestimate my readers. (I don't know much about my public as they are anonymous.) Are you:

A-level Strict beginners (know about sun signs, the planets and Ascendant)

B-level Beginners, had an intro in aspects

C-level Advanced, know how to read a natal chart

D-level More advanced, know about transits, progressions and solar arcs; had an introduction in synastry aspects and midpoints

E-level Very informed, interested in more (like asteroids, midpoints, patterns)

Time for a poll. What level do you have in astrology? How do you speak astrologic?
(the poll is on the right)

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Anonymous said...

I'm an "E" (sorry, didn't do the poll... you might, perhaps, consider changing your hosting-place... or, something... something making things like polls... easier to do. Maybe)

Qualifying. I'm an E - who must always struggle (strive, actually) to so synthesis-type things. (Saturn in 3rd, I have more than a knee-jerk difficulty with anything that might seem glib/facile... it's much more gut level than that).