Friday, November 2, 2012

Two executed royals, born November 2

It is November 2, All Souls Day. Time to remember lost loved ones and burn a candle.

Here I take the time to remember two royals, born on a November 2 in history. I noticed - on Wikipedia - that two executed royals were born on November 2 : Edward V, age 12 and Queen Marie Antoinette, age 36.

There is nothing wrong with being born on a November 2. It is only the date of birth that the royals share. The position of the Sun differs 10 degrees as you may see in the picures of the charts. That is because of the difference between the Gregorian and the Julian year. However, they were both born under Scorpio. Edward had an 11th degree Sun and a Leo Ascendant and Pisces Moon. Marie Antoinette had a 21st degree Sun and a Cancer Ascendant and Libra Moon.
Their charts are different, just as different as their characters were. Both were political victims.

Edward was King for a few months. His uncle Richard was the bad guy who had him murdered at age 12, imprisoned in the Tower of London. I had a look at his chart and noticed the importance of Mars (rising before the Sun), Uranus (NA, calling!) and Saturn (the planet in X). This mirrors the risk of sudden (Uranus) blockage (Saturn) of energy (Mars). These planets are also important in the month of his death.
1. Progressed Mars was opposition Saturn and semi sextile Uranus (suddenly blocked energy, resonating the natal chart).
2. Transit Uranus was inconjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint (sudden nerves with a loss involved).
3. Transit Saturn was inconjunct Progressed Midheaven (the 'check mate' or 'lame duck' aspect: ending a period in life and there is a loss involved (inconjunct = losing, giving up)

And there was more bad news from 'above': Progressed Moon on Ascendant and inconjunct Chiron (emotional pain); Progressed Midheaven inconjunct Node (lost position; lost connection). And there is Progressed Venus sextile Ascendant (for mercy).

It is a hard episode in the history of England. With this chart, in that position, in those days, it was not a good chart to be born with. Saturn sometimes ends, too soon. Even if you have an important Sun at the meridian (or, especially when you draw attention with an important Sun).

The story of Edward reminded me of an earlier study of the chart of Marie-Antoinette, the executed Queen of France. Marie-Antoinette was also born on a November 2.  She was only 36 when she was decapitated. She had married Louis XVI, she was rich and she was not popular. In those days (after a revolution) that was enough to lose your head.
Watch transit Jupiter square Midheaven on the day of her death. Marie-Antoinette had TBC and probably uterus cancer in the months before she died. Jupiter is seen more often in the charts of ill people when they die, like in the chart of late Paul Newman:

Charts of Marie Antoinette and husband are also on Astrodomein  (text in Dutch)

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