Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chart of Adele

One of the most successful singers today is Adele, born May 5, 1988 in London. Time to study her chart! says that she was born at 3:02 a.m. and that is the time that I used. Here is the chart, calculated on with transits and progressions for October 19, 2012 when Adele gave birth to a son. (The father is charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki.)
Adele, natal, transits, progressions October 19

What you see when using the tightests aspects, is:

1. Progressed Moon opposition natal Sun (life changing moment)
2. Progressed Sun quindecile natal Moon (close spotlights on family)
3. Progressed Venus quindecile natal MC (a strong wish coming true)
4. Transit Node inconjunct Progressed Mercury (family talk)
5. Transit Pluto close to progressed Midheaven (intense change in the course of life)
This seems to cover the event…

Of course, I first looked for the pattern of artistic talent and the singer in the chart and for the keys to success. Here are some of them:
1. Mercury 'calling' to communicate somehow, anyhow
2. MC 'calling' to have a position at any possible level
3. Jupiter with Sun, Pluto and Uranus for extra self confidence
4. Angular Mars for the drive and energy that it takes to be a pop star.
5. Venus-Uranus opposition for sense of rhythm (frequent in the charts of pop singers)
6. Mercury quindecile Midheaven (an obsessive focus on using voice or pen in the career)
7. Venus quindecile Neptune for a strong focus on romance and…artistic talents
8. Venus trine Ascendant and opposition Moon for the good looks.
9. Jupiter ruler 10, rising before the Sun
10. The combination of Sun in Taurus, Moon in Sagittarius and Aquarius Ascendant for the uniqueness, the positive approach and perseverance (Taurus) that makes Adele who she is.

That is it, for now.

Or should I mention the overweight? Inconjunctions with Jupiter conjunct Sun, the Taurus Sun and Sagittarius Moon opposition Venus... A bit too much of it all, it says. See Astromarkt, about the indications for overweight... And I couldn't stop without a link to that beautiful song 'Skyfall' graciously sung in the best James Bond I ever saw...

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