Sunday, August 23, 2015

Zero degree declination (Progressed) Moon

Did you know that Dominique Strauss Kahn and Bill Cosby share a Moon declination in the 1st degree, close to point Zero? Dominique Strauss Kahn later had a progressed Moon out of bounds, while the progressed Moon of Cosby remaind in bounds. What could the difference be between molesting ladies WITH or WITHOUT a progressed Moon OOB? This?
Molesting females WITH OOB Progressed Moon makes you lose your wife and reputation because you are beyond your limits.
Molesting females WITHOUT OOB Progressed Moon means that you can go and and on....because the community protects you.
When you were born with the Moon in the 1st degree of declination, would haat mean that your OOB Progressed Moon brings you in a danger zone? Or would it mean that the theme of how to deal with women will be prominent? Is the 1ste degree of declination the lowest for behaviour? Of course, there is more than just that declination, and we shouldn't generalize, but still: I find the fact that they both have that Zero degree Moon very interesting.
But now this one: the declination of the progressed Moon of Máxima Zorreguieta (now wife of the King of the Netherlands)... When the Dutch Queen got engaged and married the progressed Moon (going to be OOB later) would be at a very low point in the graph (although in 2002 - year of the marriage - the progressed Moon got higher again). In her natal chart, the Moon is In Bounds and in the 12th South. I think that there is something uncontrollable about the progressed Moon at Zero degrees declination. I think that, because her life was dominated by the public's opinion, the media and politics and that - at that point - lost her independence. 
Could it just be, that the Zero Degreee Declination of the Moon refers to a critical and not so controllable point?
Right now, the Moon is in the 11th degree of declination, in bounds. If you want to know where your natal or progressed Moon is, try (Exertion diagram progressed declination in the Special Charts section). For more about Out of Bounds, see this link:
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