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Syria, Merkel, Germany and astrology

Battle of the Sea Gods by Mantegna, thanks to Wiki Commons

No way to look away and not consider the charts involved in the tragedy of refugees in Europe today...What is in the charts? You'll see Neptune in the charts of Germany and Merkel, while Uranus and Pluto hit the chart of January 1, 1925 (Syria). And coincidence, or not: Neptune is the planet of 'no borders, no limits' and Uranus-Pluto means intense tension and dramatic change.

The Syrian Federation became the State of Syria in 1 January 1925, says Wikipedia. Have a look at the chart of that moment:

Sun, Progressed Sun, Ascendant, Progressed Midheaven and MC all have a position between the 10th and 16th degree of the Capital Signs. Those are exactly the degrees that were and will be hit by Uranus and Pluto. These two planets were 90 degrees apart (square) since 2011 and symbolized the unrest, extreme tension and dramatic change in the world right now. Also, the Progressed Sun of Syria's chart will be inconjunct Saturn within a year from now. This is a signal of coming decline. Right now there is migration from Syria to Europe. The people wants to move to Germany, where they expect to get a better life than in any of the countries that they walked or travelled through on the way to the country of Mrs Merkel, who recently sort of invited the refugees but she forgot to bring them 'home'. Progressed Ascendant near Mercury (planet of transportation) perhaps illustrates the situation. 

Charts of people who depend upon the State or the leader of the nation have to be considered in the light of the charts of the nation or the leader of the nation. The bad and hard aspects in that chart will mirror nasty situation and conditions, more than they do in times of peace and harmony. There is more... 
Transit Pluto opposition the Progressed Moon of the chart above reflects intense emotions and the people in problems, while transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Mercury seems completely in line with the difficult voyage with so many lost lives and what people left behind when they said goodbye to there home land.

Meanwhile, the area is at war, people die and suffer, and there is no help on the way. That is how migration started in 376, too, also with Neptune in early Pisces (see my site Astromarkt:

Considering the chart above, it doesn't look like there will be a solution for Syria, not soon enough to stop the migration. Now how about Germany?

The chart of Germany (United Germany, October 3, 1990, Berlin, zero hours) has transit Neptune in Pisces inconjunct the natal Sun in Libra. That is exactly the kind of aspect that makes it hard to deal with all the Neptunic things such as refugees, the sea, idealism, beliefs and the media. This aspect demands clarity, openness and open eyes when there is little balance and too much confusion. It is har to do. The chart of the leader of the nation is in line with that. 

As Angela Merkel's Progressed Sun is in the 24th of Virgo, quindecile (165d) transit Neptune, there will be a strong focus (if not obsession) with the issue of Sun-Neptune that is in the nation's chart as well. Here is her chart:

In her natal chart Neptune is on the MC and square the Sun (just like in the chart of Obama) to show you that certain ideals, ideologies and beliefs will be of utmost importance in her life and connected to her career. Now Mrs Merkel's name sounds all over the Budapest' railway station. Being an idol that way, may not have been her purpose.

It is a complex situation and apparently, the political leaders can't deal with it. So the people who lost their homes and didn't see any future, made the choice to start walking to an unknown but peaceful future and to demand access to the nation that seems to have the best economic and cultural cards.

Uranus-Pluto and Neptune in Pisces, symbols of revolution and change, did there job. All that astrologers can do, is signal the aspects and point at the indications of dramatic change. There is no astrological solution, but there is some hope.

The Uranus-Pluto square is fading away slowly, and Neptune in Pisces is moving on. Someday, all charts have changed and I hope it will be in a good way.  There are hard aspects always, but these two  astrological indications were present in revolutionary times of religious wars and migration in the past and are now losing there importance. But, like I said on Astromarkt:
Eventually, any hard aspect between Uranus and Pluto issues the value and problem of change, and the price to pay for it.
Some of us had to pay a lot...

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