Friday, September 11, 2015


Remember the post 'When one chart is up...' with the sub title 'How can you laugh, when you know I'm down'? It is here: :

Now my chart will be up, when my dog's chart will be down, exactly in the summer of 2016, when I consider to make a trip to Eastern Europe. As it will be hot there and there will be many excursions to palaces and city centers, it will be better for the dog and us to leave the dog behind, in a pension with only Frenchies, in the hands of a nice lady. I could think of it as a sort of a vacation for the dog, but I know that while my chart has Jupiter-P Venus during the trip, hers has transit Saturn square Sun and Progressed Sun. And that is an uneasy thought. Especially since the latest example of Saturn with Sun and Progressed Sun was that of a well known singer in my country who ended in hospital on a Greek island, after being hit by a car, while walking on the street. So, maybe that explains my concern.

Usually there is some correspondence between charts of partners and if not, it is a sign of not being in line, at least. Imagine that they don't tell me how sad my dog is (just to keep me happy) and that I'd never know if I hadn't studied astrology... Or am I 'tripping' the bad way?

What would you do? The transits remain the same if I go or if I don't. Perhaps I'd better not? It is just a silly dilemma in turbulent times, I know...

PS the dog was born September 2, 2014 (time unknown)

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